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Event : Black Label Invitational

A few weeks have passed since Black Label Invitational happened and if the amount of constant content from photographers and videographers still popping up on social media is any indication of how well Black Label has done, I’d say it was a great success. Black label was a much needed car show for the Melbourne […]

Feature : Mine’s R34 GTR Vspec II Nur

Before the Fast and the Furious franchise, many of those born in the early 80’s and 90’s would have grown up watching Hot Version and Best Motoring videos. Car content wasn’t as readily available on the internet as it is these days and most of us would have had to spend money in order to […]

Feature : The RZER Road Registered Time Attack Evo

When I posted a teaser of this car, we had multiple people asking to see more of it. I always promised that it will be done soon but some how life sort of gets in the way of that. Finally, I’ve had the chance to sit down and run you through one of the meanest road registered Evo […]

Mk Motorsports and Mines opening

Kicking off the day with the grand opening of MK’s truly performance orientated tire, wheel fitment and alignment centre, backed by the full weight of both Michelin and Rays Engineering parent companies. Upon close examination it was apparent that only the latest technology was being utilised throughout MK’s new custom fitted facility. From wall to […]

Shop Drop-in : V-SPEC Performance

The word V-SPEC has long been a model that’s synonymous with the GTR. So when I heard about V-SPEC Performance, I expected it to be some sort of spectacular GTR heaven. Was not the least bit disappointed. V-SPEC  is extremely well known within Melbourne, being the distributors and stockist of many large Japanese brands such as […]

H nats 2016 – A Honda lover’s wet dream

I must have rewritten this more than 5 times now, this being the first post I’ve finally put down after a long hiatus. Perhaps its the rust in my mind preventing me from stringing words together, but I think it was more so because I wasn’t happy with the previous articles because it did not correctly […]

Mazda Tuning Fiesta @ Tsukuba

Ken from CarshopGLOW was at the Mazda Tuning Fiesta held at Tsukuba circuit on the 5th of July 2016. He took a number of pictures which he left in a private album because according to him it is common courtesy to blank out the plates and blanking the plates off nearly 300 pictures was going […]

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