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Honda Integra – Track Prepped, locked and loaded

Many enthusiasts in Singapore have undoubtedly started of dabbling with cars in Honda Civics or have owned one at some point in their life. Things change as time goes by, some upgrade to turbo charged cars while some stay true to their love for Hondas upgrading from one Honda to the next. Eventually there reaches […]

Liberty Walk – The Nagoya Trendsetters

Not many companies had the audacity to start cutting up such an expensive car but one man single handedly made it a trend. The idea that owners are willing to take a hacksaw to their exotic machinery is part of what the Liberty Walk appeal is, wouldn’t you agree? This particular shop visit took place […]

EK9 – Less is more

When we talk about the Honda Civic, it stirs up thoughts of the Kanjo runs in Japan and the massive Honda scene in the USA. These little machines have taken down many of the bigger boys both on the track and on the street. Regardless of age, the passion for these machines burn strong. There […]

Recreate Japan : The meet nobody talked about Part 2

In the last post we left the Docklands pre-meet to head towards Monash University. Traffic was much heavier than we expected and the west-siders slowly trickled in instead of arriving together. There were already a number of people there and it only meant there was less of a queue to get a parking spot. ┬áThe […]

Recreate Japan : The meet nobody talked about Part 1

What started with a casual conversation between Vu from Nakama and myself, chatting jokingly about crashing certain car meets around Melbourne and how we wished that we had similar meets in carparks that they do in Japan soon evolved into us trying to make it a reality. So began the idea to Recreate Japan. ┬áThe […]

High on RUFies: RUF Launch in Singapore

We missed the entire morning of the launch. Well, no excuses, but I had class and Neo had fought to his death to get a half-day off from work. We were cautiously excited about going to this launch. Due to the things we blog and are interested about, I doubt most of us knows About […]

Cliff’s R34 Skyline

This particular R34 Skyline was purchased completely stock by a man named Cliff. The car had nothing more than a set of wheels on it at the time and has undergone multiple transformations into the final version you see before you. We are the only automotive media that was given the opportunity to showcase this […]

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