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Teaser : Legendary status

The one thing about Singapore’s motoring culture is that it has a system put in place to encourage everyone to have newer cars. It brings about this culture where most people don’t understand or appreciate the old cars, simply because they do not get the chance to encounter or experience it. For the limited few […]

TheRightWrong @ 100mm

A while ago a group of my friends decided to gather under the name TheRightWrong to take part in a car event named 100mm in Melbourne. Was the first time that a few of us took part in an 100mm event and this year’s event was under a completely new organiser. Lots of controversy surrounded […]

Cliff’s S15 : Another Restored Project

  When we last left off we saw Cliff selling his beloved R34 skyline for a fresh project. He decided to keep it within the┬áNissan family and picked up an equally rare S15 silvia. I say rare because there aren’t many of these things left in Singapore. The COE took its toll and most of […]

Cars and Coffee Melbourne, August

Today is the August 8, for many Singaporean car enthusiasts this date holds something special. Its the one day where many of the car lovers get together for a day of fun filled activities. For the rest of Singapore its National day eve, the day before the nation Celebrates its 50th birthday. Since I’m currently […]

Honda Integra – Track Prepped, locked and loaded

Many enthusiasts in Singapore have undoubtedly started of dabbling with cars in Honda Civics or have owned one at some point in their life. Things change as time goes by, some upgrade to turbo charged cars while some stay true to their love for Hondas upgrading from one Honda to the next. Eventually there reaches […]

Liberty Walk – The Nagoya Trendsetters

Not many companies had the audacity to start cutting up such an expensive car but one man single handedly made it a trend. The idea that owners are willing to take a hacksaw to their exotic machinery is part of what the Liberty Walk appeal is, wouldn’t you agree? This particular shop visit took place […]

EK9 – Less is more

When we talk about the Honda Civic, it stirs up thoughts of the Kanjo runs in Japan and the massive Honda scene in the USA. These little machines have taken down many of the bigger boys both on the track and on the street. Regardless of age, the passion for these machines burn strong. There […]

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