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Recreate Japan : The meet nobody talked about Part 2

In the last post we left the Docklands pre-meet to head towards Monash University. Traffic was much heavier than we expected and the west-siders slowly trickled in instead of arriving together. There were already a number of people there and it only meant there was less of a queue to get a parking spot.  The […]

Recreate Japan : The meet nobody talked about Part 1

What started with a casual conversation between Vu from Nakama and myself, chatting jokingly about crashing certain car meets around Melbourne and how we wished that we had similar meets in carparks that they do in Japan soon evolved into us trying to make it a reality. So began the idea to Recreate Japan.  The […]

High on RUFies: RUF Launch in Singapore

We missed the entire morning of the launch. Well, no excuses, but I had class and Neo had fought to his death to get a half-day off from work. We were cautiously excited about going to this launch. Due to the things we blog and are interested about, I doubt most of us knows About […]

Cliff’s R34 Skyline

This particular R34 Skyline was purchased completely stock by a man named Cliff. The car had nothing more than a set of wheels on it at the time and has undergone multiple transformations into the final version you see before you. We are the only automotive media that was given the opportunity to showcase this […]

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF – Singapore’s First

I wouldn’t think that anyone in the right state of mind would have an RWB built on our sunny island of Singapore due the crazy car prices and the inability to keep our cars for any longer than 10 years. The thing is though, car enthusiast aren’t exactly sane people to begin with. Jenson has been […]

Asian Le Mans Series

In just less a few days to go before the final showdown of Asian LeMans Series 2014 goes underway at Sepang. The teams have fought their way from Inji, Fuji, Shanghai and yes ultimately, Sepang. The last race of 2014 ALMS will fall on the 7th of December at Sepang International Circuit flagging off at 1300hrs under the […]

The Godzilla run

If you have been following our Facebook page, sometime back we announced that PT works was the fresh new addition to The Right Wrong family. It’s certainly good to have a fresh camera on board with the crew to capture more car porn from around the world but it is especially great that he only […]

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