About Us

About Us

TheRightWrong was started in August 2011, with the goal to showcase the world class cars we have in our little island despite the exorbitant car prices. Run by a team of enthusiasts, we try to have crew members that each have a specific interest in order to cover the widest variety of the nicest cars as much as we can.

The name “The Right Wrong” was  our way of protesting the vehicle modifications we love and enjoy that cause but are severely frowned upon by the authorities or face issues due to complaints from the nosy general public, modifications which may in fact improve the vehicle’s handling. Thus our slogan “Who’s to judge” was birthed.

As time progressed, our crew started to expand their grasp to any country we visited, be it Japan, Thailand or Australia. More information about our crew can be found in the team section.

With the new website, TheRightWrong version 2, our goals have not changed and our resolve to bring you the best cars have never been stronger. Our new direction of the website will be to “keep it street”. To focus and feature the best built street cars that mostly push the boundaries of being a street car and we will be doing our best to show case both the car and its owner to you.

Welcome to the newly revamped TheRightWrong website and we hope you will enjoy our website as much as we enjoy bringing the automotive porn to you. – TheRightWrong team

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