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Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

The early 90s gave birth to iconic cars like the Toyota Supra, Mazda RX-7 FD and Godzilla of a beast the Nissan Skyline R32 GTR. I personally couldn’t wait for the era of boxy R31s to pass, which was like the middle bastard child. The 70s gave us the Hakosukas and 2000GT while the 90s gave us the above, both of which are generations of cars I love.

The terrible car system that we have locally made many people give up cars of their dreams and forced to move on to newer cars, with the 150% road tax for cars that have passed the 10th year mark, its simply not rationale to keep old cars.

HongYao is one of the many that decided to persevere in keeping cars of that era running on the our roads. Moving from a Suzuki Swift GTi, he then made the purchase of a Honda Civic EF-9, one of the few still in existent here.


As an owner of a car from that era myself which has been with me for the past 7 years, I fully understand the constant maintenance needs on upkeeping a car this old.

Years back, I have ever spotted this beauty with a set of different wheels, when Spoon monoblocks were almost unseen here. Currently however, it sits on a set of almighty-holy-grail-omg Works RSZ-R in 15″ configuration.


The car has been painstakingly rebuilt with new engine components and exterior trims replaced to keep it looking fresh despite facing the the harsh weather we face daily. Rain or shine, the car is usually kept clean. I genuinely feel ashamed every time I drive pass the car and compare it to mine, something I do regularly as we park within the same vicinity.


Its running full OEM EF-9 body parts as its difficult to find parts for the car and I highly doubt anyone makes copies of it in fiberglass locally or up north.


There’s no stance movement or anything else of that genre found on the car. ::Phew:: Not like I am against the stance movement but some cars are best left period correct, and the EF9 is one of them. Everything put on the car has a sole purpose of function, no stretched tires on oversized rims, just grippy grippy Brigdestone RE-11s. Tein HA’s and a series of custom bushings from cusco and Mfactory parts complete the undercarriage of the darty little rocket.


A full spot weld treatment has been performed to give extra rigidity to the aged tired chassis.


Optional JDM EF9 climate controls also found its way into the interior, attached to it is an Apexi PowerFC commander for on the fly adjustments. Following suite the 90s theme, backlighted GReddy gauges are used to keep the temperatures in check.

EF9_2013_MG_1675webEK9 cluster was also retrofitted in the EF’s dashboard.


Strapping him in place for his trackdays are a pair of Takata harness and Recaro SPGs.

EF9_2013_MG_1690webNo hybrids here, just pure NA Vtec scream.



I believe HongYao will keep this car in the family for years to come. Some people just don’t feel the need to care for what the main stream “car guys” have to say about older cars, that its not trendy enough or the power newer cars can produce with the new edge technology. I don’t think we would actually care.

Its like so what the new GTR produces 182371824691263 HP, just give me a Hakosuka with the screaming triple carbs and life would be complete for me right there.

The 90s shall live on.