Text by : Neo, Photos by : Neo

About 2 weeks ago, we headed North and covered the Asian Le Mans Series in Sepang. The Asian Le Mans Series is part of the qualification progress to enter into the 24Hrs Le Mans.

For the Asian Le Mans Series 2013 there are 4 x 3Hrs across Asia. Namely Inje, Fuji, Zhu Hai and Sepang.


Just before I go into the main event, there are several other races supporting the main race. A little walk around the pits will give you an idea.


First off we have the ACCC (Asia Classic Car Challenge). It caters to the production cars that are manufactured before 31st December 1988. And the makes includes BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Ford, Lotus, Toyota, Datsun, Mini, Jaguar, TVR, Alfa Romeo and Honda.

1D3_0458 copy1D3_04621D3_0453 1D3_04511D3_04501D3_0441

 1D3_0452Never look down on all these classics! They never die, they just get faster … !

1D3_0524We can see a wide range of different cars at turn 1 and 2.

1D3_08651D3_0827Despite the age of these cars they still go in hard into the turns!

Next up, Toyota Yaris and Vios

1D3_04421D3_04741D3_0445 1D3_04461D3_1027
Toyota Yaris + Vios Lady: Supaksorn Chaimongkol chasing hard in her Toyota Vios

The BMW FB02 formula cars for the Asia Cup1D3_04671D3_0464 copy 1D3_0465 1D3_0468 1D3_10541D3_10551D3_1083
The AsianCup provides an affordable transition from karting to Formula Racing for racing drivers. The series runs a 20 car grid, where all the cars are identical with no performance enhancing extras and this would allow the driver to show their abilities during the races and may the best driver wins!

Stay tune for more about the Asian Le Mans Series.