Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Cyber Imp

Unlike typical Singaporean stereotypes, car gatherings are not unlawful gatherings or any intention to create public nuisances. These are usually excuses for nosy Singaporeans to call the Traffic Police and have those poor officers make a trip down to give the car enthusiast a heart attack. What most people fail to understand is car gatherings / meets are meant for people who share the same interest. It is a gathering that anybody with the same love regardless of age can walk up to one another and go “Hey there, I’m *Insert name*! Nice car!”. Sort of like how girls compliment each other for having a nice handbag (Chanel 2.55), guys compliment each other on their cars (Advan A050 in 255 profile).

A Lone 34 GTR decided to crash an Evo party!

Yep, I saw that happen yesterday right in front of me. That’s a good thing in creating a closer Evo community. What is even better about the gathering is that here in Singapore, Evolutions are generally stereotyped to be an “Ah beng” car. Ah beng is the local slang for the meaning “Gangster”. Yet most of the people seen yesterday were business class family men! We even had one Evo X have his kids in the car while he mingled with the rest of the people. How can any meet where families are welcomed be seen as a public nuisance?

Evos staring the lone godzilla down

Right after this pic was taken it began to rain. Unfortunately for me, my exams are right around the corner and I had to leave for home. Despite the downpour, the rest of the guys sportingly shifted to a second sheltered location for more pictures to be taken.

Props to the Evo guys for being sporting!

Just a bunch of guys that share the same interests!

Red white and blue! But its Singapore, not America

As red as a Baboon’s ass

Everyone loves a 69

Spoiler alert


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