We've got a new contributor from Auckland New Zealand. What originally was a reader's submission from Jamie about his S15 turned into me asking Alex Leben from LEBENLife Photography if he might be interested in becoming a contributor. Took a look at this photos and we were sold. Loved the photos and more car porn and events coverage from the around the world is always a good thing isn't it?


“My professional photography career began in 2009. My passion in this field of art inspired me to contribute and provide my services to fellow Kiwi’s. Mum tells me the first car I came home in from the Hospital was a Rolls so that must be where the petrol head life began! My love for stance and power has made me become the car aficionado I am today.
Anything with wheels interests me but my true love lies with Euro Exotics!
Photography has always been a hobby of mine but in recent years it has funded a great university lifestyle and allow me to shoot cars I had as posters on my wall dreaming about.
 Very excited to shoot for The Right and Wrong this year so bring on the rest of 2012!”

That love for Euros might probably explain why Alex is rolling in this.

E92 M3 sitting on BBS CH-Rs – Its wallpaper sized btw

Alex’s first contribution comes in the form of this clean S15. The title was termed chasing dreams because Jamie had put in quite a bit of effort for this particular S15.


“When I left high school, I had one thing on my mind – buying an s-15. I got a job at the local garden center and I can remember being given a broom to sweep the yard and having to tell myself ten minutes later that it would all be worth it in the end.

After seven months of saving every penny and staying home on the weekends I bought a 1999 NA S15. I had a bit of a road trip with my dad bringing it up from Wellington over a couple of days.

About a month later, I got t-boned turning right out of a one-way street you’re only supposed to turn left out of. My insurance company wrote it off and I was paid out.

A few months later, I bought my current Spec-R. I had to wait two years to modify it for insurance purposes so I only got into things at the end of last year really. It’s hard to pour money into it while I’m still at uni (studying audio engineering) so am excited to get into it a lot more next year.

List of modifications.

Engine: K&N Filter, Cusco Strut Brace, De-cated exhaust

Exterior: Genuine Work CR KAIS ,18×8.5 + 20 Front – 225/40R/18 Continentals, 18×9.5 +20 Back – 235/40R/18 GT Radials, Flared Front and Back guards, STD R5 coilovers (Adjustable camber in the front), Fortune Auto caster arms – (Front), Custom powder coated green brake calipers

Interior: Nismo gear shifter (Black)

Future Plans: HKS Hi-Power Exhaust, HDi GT-Spec Front Mount Intercooler, HKS 740cc Injectors, HKS EVC-S boost controller, Fully recondition wheels and powder coat (a few shades darker), OEM Aero Side Skirts and end caps

Shout out to the local Silvia forum too! SNZ is an awesome inspiration and there are a lot of knowledgeable people always wiling to lend a hand.”

Jamie worked his butt off with determination in order to achieve his dream car, only to have it bashed. Fortunately for him, the insurance company paid off and yet, having to wait for 2 years before being able do anything to the car! Must be sheer torture to have something you want so badly in front of you and yet not be able to do much about it. Well Jamie, we’re looking forward to see how much sexier can you get this car in the near future.

Visit Alex’s Facebook page LEBENLife Photography to check out more of his photos and events coverage!