Text by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Wei Yu, Tecky

When I was in Taiwan, a friend of mine posted a poster of an upcoming meet called “Let’s Stance”. It was co-organised by many local and neighbouring Malaysian car enthusiasts. I agreed that I would go, but wouldn’t bother to wash my car or polish it due to it being a dimly-lit public venue, I could always leg it if authorities arrived and deem it to be an unlawful assembly (despite it being just a normal car meet).

Weeks later last Friday I did took the effort to wash my car after work since days of endless rain and sun took a beating to the gloss finish. My friend that invited me was nowhere to be found therefore I met up with the fellas from Aftmkt Magazine to have pasta for dinner. 

Fancy This?

Soon a small gathering was formed, and we had our cars hard parked at an angle (as parking them straight is too conformist), took out the deck chairs and sat down and smoked.

There was a concert held in an indoor stadium nearby and the traffic was bad in the surrounding areas. Thank God it didn’t rain, neither did the authorities like nasty parking wardens show up or the event would be a flop.


Firstly I would like to apologise for the grainy dark pictures you’d see here as even I didn’t bother to bring a tripod to set the ISO high and I didn’t have steady hands like Wei Yu. Tecky came by and did bring a tripod hence the different contrasts of photos on this post.

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The cars showed up by the numbers, and even trucks decked out like dekotoras came by, and music was piped in by loud speakers from cars with expensive ICE systems. Nonetheless there were the occasional bunch of idiots trying to do a 0-50km/h sprint in the small parking lot roads and being heavy footed even when they reverse.


Being a stance event I did expect to see more cars with tires stretched till there’s no sidewalls, or fenders abused and pulled with no finger gaps between the rubber. Sadly for the first good 3 hours I was catching up with friends and also sweating from the heat. My eyes were limited to what I’ve always be able to see on our roads, till the Malaysians arrived.

They turned up pretty late, hearsay due to a hold up at the immigration checkpoint. My photographers were getting ready to call it a night, and there’s not much photos of their cars. Their tires were stretched, cambered stance, not getting the easy way out like me with airbags, all running on coils with a 2 inch clearance up front.


Now we’re talking about stance. Sadly not much photos of them were captured, but hopefully for TheRightWrong X AftMkt’s annual meet, I’d gladly invite them down again! Enough of typing nonsense, I’d let the pictures do the talking.

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