Net Catches

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Little Bee Racing

Hailing from Fukui Prefecture,┬áJapan, there’s this feisty time-attack styled Civic EK which never fails to catch my attention.

Little Bee Racing EK (Current)

What never fails to catch my eyes is the elaborate front diffuser with Voltex carnards, and the Voltex GT wing identical to the one I previously used. They fabricate the carbon fibre door in house too, and there’s also a unique roof scoop.

Wonder what shoes suit an EK best?

Currently the car sits on what seems to be 16 or 17″ CE28s, and putting this pocket rocket to a stop are AP brakes too. There’s nothing much mentioned about the engine below the carbon fibre hood, but certainly this ain’t no garage queen!

With number 1 as a racing number bears lotsa stress!

Still prefer its most recent pic of the C-West front bumper while complemented with wide front fenders. The side skirting looks like a perfect addition, while most purists argue that an EK would look best the way it is stock. (There were lotsa mixed opinions even about my previous Voltex GT wing, same as pictured.)

Racing down the straights.

From Little Bee’s gallery, it sure looks like they are often visitors to Suzuka, having a whole album dedicated to the track alone, while able to see the transition from an innocent EK like mine to an all out track machine above. More pictures can be found at .

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