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Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

2012 was a hectic but eventful year with a sensational trip to the Land of the Rising Sun. Followers of our blog would most certainly recall my recollection of these adventures from earlier posts last year. There are still a couple of undertakings from these Japan exploits that I must share with you guys, and Moon Eyes Yokohama is one of them. I braved the blistering cold of the coast of Yokohama, traversing on foot from ASM to the peculiar locale where American influence has descended upon like a whirlwind. My mind was reeling and my heart palpitated wildly as I pondered about the clandestine American iron horses that I will be viewing? Was the arduous walk worth it or will it be the story of a poor wayfaring stranger?



Not a ’29 coupe or a ’59 Camaro. What stood before me was an E38 Bimmer decked out in Moon Eyes signature dish and two-tone paint job, seemingly waiting to be encrusted in salt during the famed Bonneville Speed Week.


Flaking the door beside the E39 was an S50 Toyota Crown pickup. Still no sight of
any Japanese influenced muscle of sorts. Zero, zilch, nada.


Walk through the front door and you will be greeted by a conspicuous merchandise
belt chalked full of inimitable t-shirts, a few of which yours truly just had to have!


The sizeable selection of One Shot paints would appeal to the pinstriper in you. The
wooden décor and electrifying neon lights a throwback to a 60s American diner.





I ventured on to the second floor of the premises and found myself in accessories
heaven; an insanely large accessories heaven right out of the Moon Eyes catalogue.
From full size wheels to miniscule Hurst shifters pleading to be mated to your
powergilde transmission, everything (well, almost everything) your heart desires can
be found in this paradise.


Steering wheels in a myriad of color and size options.


Tucked away in a quiet corner is a pair of custom cycles. The first featured wire
wheels with unusual hues of gold, yellow and green in its paint job, old school
flames licking its gas tank and topped off with that essential suicide shifter!



Second one would a cafe racer inspired bike with crazily flaked custom paint job.



Not forgetting the pinstriped half cap helmet.

I decided to be better acquainted with the staff through a casual chat. They
provided me with information about the Annual Volkswagen Jamboree held at
Odaiba (which I have posted some time back).

Even though the rain was coming down in torrents, the guys insisted that I pop
down to the garage to have a look at the shop’s ride. I suspect some serious muscle
must be going on behind those closed garage shutters.


The only good looking first gen Camaro in my opinion.


Running down the center, a pair of essential racing stripes.



More than half a dozen custom cycles separates the two car garage.


One of their pride and joy, another gleaming S50 crown pickup in mint condition.


A set of Radir Tri rib wheel sits nicely in the fender wells, sorry folks no hellaflush fitment needed for a car this cool.



My parting shot before heading over the Moon Cafe.MoonEyes_2012_Tokyo_MG_4050WEB


I filled my tummy with delectable grub and made my way back to the Station.
However, I took the wrong bus and found myself at Yokohama Stadium instead
of Station! Thankfully, an Ojisan (who must have thought me desolate and forlorn)
gave me his only umbrella for my walk back to the station. The legendary Japan
hospitality and kindness totally made my day!

That is all for now! Do check out the site for additional features and events we cover!

Randy F