Net Catches

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Off the web

I’m if you are a regular reader of this site, you would have realized how screwed the motoring system is in Singapore(and how often I whine about it). Nakai-san from Rauh Welt did not have to pay 60,000 dollars to renew his COE on his Porsche  “Stella”, which is probably why he managed to keep it for 15 years and never thought of changing her for a newer model. Case in point, old cars are extremely rare to come by in Singapore. Like I have said before, there are no more road registered Supras here. There are however a few Honda NSXs left over but it would be a miracle if you managed to catch them in the same vicinity. Worst of all, the internet is here to make us fantasize. I’m not talking about sexual fantasies here but the type of cars other countries have and what we wish we did.

We can only dream…..