Net Catches

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : 4G63-S2K

As an Evo owner, I can honestly tell you I love my Evo to bits. Its the one car that I have thought of selling so many times and yet never had the heart to give up. Each time I drive it the Evo has never failed to make me happy (with exception of being stuck in traffic jams). If I did one day decide to sell it though, I would swap it for an S2000. After being at the Singapore S2000 meet HERE, it simply reinforced my love for S2000s. I feel that they have such style to them and there is simply nothing else that can give you that much car for that amount of money.

The Evo is a pure bred performer but I just love the S2000 for its shape. In fact if money were no object, I would probably keep the Evo as a track toy and get a S2000 for a daily driver instead of buying a GTR.

Somebody overseas however decided to get the best of both worlds. Here you will hear no VTEC scream. Firstly because its Turbo charged and secondly, its a 4G63 in a S2000.

Those plates say it all

If you didn't know any better, you might have thought its still a Honda engine

4G63 with a H22 valve cover

Full build thread : HERE and HERE