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Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Alex &

A short while back I came across the Stancenation feature of an awesome Bentley properly fitted and resprayed in Lamborghini Grey. Adding “Spray Evo to Lamborghini Grey” to my to do list seemed like the only way to react to something as amazing as this.

Tell me that isn't sex on wheels.

While budget does not allow me to do so at this point of time, the thought of how my Evo would look in Lamborghini grey has been haunting me ever since.

That's my car in case you did not know

Then this example of an Evo in Lambo grey showed up. While it may not be a 9, its still an amazing looking Evo.

Too busy for captions *Fap fap fap*

This car is highly qualified to be the candidate for “dream car” of most Evolution lovers. The 6.5 TME edition is said to be one of the most desired Evolutions in all it’s 10 generations.

A lot of people will be staring at this

The owner of this amazing Evo 6 TME stuck to the theme of “6” in his engine build.

What does that mean? He went with a Brian Crower 2.6L engine build.

A face that will never leave your rear view mirrors

No it wasn’t a typo error. 2.6. It is considered within milk carton proportions compared to the the displacement of any Lamborghini engine but power figures in this Evolution will probably be unmatched by 95% of Lamborghinis.

722hp, 880nm - Old figures. This car now runs 750hp and 908nm

This Lamborghini grey evolution 6 may not be an accurate visualization of how my Evo 9 will look in the same colour but it gives me hope knowing that there is an existing Evo in this colour that looks absolutely incredible and if ever decided to get my Evo sprayed in this colour, there is that minuscule possibility it will look as amazing as this.

Engine shot

A more updated Dyno chart at the crank

Specifications and more pictures of this car can be found HERE. It may be in Swedish but it is fairly easy to understand. Anybody who does not understand terms like Precision SP6262 billet turbo and Tein Super racing coilovers would not even be wondering about this car’s specifications in the first place.


It is pictures like these that gets car lovers like me inspired. One thing is for sure, Alex’s car inspired me to get my car sprayed in Lamborghini grey AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.