Net Catches

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Off the web

It’s been a busy few weeks for all our crew members here at TheRightWrong. Some of us had exams, some of us are still having exams and for the rest of us its been mostly an extremely busy time at work! However, what we lack in content update on the site we do try our very best to make up for it by supplying you the best car porn we can find online on the Facebook page!

Car porn!

Which bring me to the point of this post. You see, running the Facebook page requires me to hunt for lots of photos. More often then not, I find myself browsing through an extremely diverse range of forums and scrolling through hundreds of pages in threads searching for the sexiest looking cars I can find to share on Facebook. TheRightWrong has been up and running for about 3 months now and so far the features we have done have been all performance cars.

Here’s my note to our Singaporean and Malaysian readers: Please do not let that scare you into not sending pictures of your car to us.

We do not only expect only cars with high price tags. More importantly, what we look for in cars is presence or stance if it makes any more sense to you that way. We want a car that will roll up to us and make us go “DAMNNN… The pictures are going to turn out great.” It does not necessarily HAVE to be a performance car in order to be on our site. It just has to have that unique character to it.

While hunting for pictures I came across many examples that I made sure to save. I wanted to share these pictures with our local readers in hopes that it may inspire you or give you a rough guide on what your car can be. I specifically noted these cars because there are so many in Singapore but we have yet to find one to feature!

There's something appealing about this car

Looking really mean!

I know camber like that is unrealistic on Singapore roads... that's why I used "Inspiration"

Perfect example of an awesome looking Honda fit!

Threw that in there just to inspire you to get a Takata harness.

Everybody needs a vision on what their car should be. We’re just helping you try find yours!