Net Catches

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Off the web

Some time back I found this off the web, can’t quite recall where. I have always been envious of the crazy shit that can be done overseas. It makes it worst too see stuff like this BMW on the net. I have no idea what engine is that, neither do I know how the heck did they fit that in. All I know is, based on looks alone, that is one crazy powerful BMW right there.

DAMN do I wish this was possible here. In a country that requires government approval for changing an exhaust, that would be an extremely far fetched day-dream.

*UPDATE* Thanks to Mayday Garage for sharing, Luke Guillory replied with the build thread on this car linked HERE!

That valve cover says it. "BMW M POWER"

The size of wheels should hint you about the power lurking.

Then again, perhaps there’s a reason why Singapore doesn’t allow such heavy modifications. They’re afraid that power might be too hard to control. Here’s what happened to that car you saw above.

*Note: Driver and passenger are fine (at least that’s what I remembered the caption said)”

What’s your take on allowing such modifications in Singapore?