Net Catches

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by :, Chester Ng & Off the web

It has been long known cars and girls go well together. Any car event without girls will probably be deemed as boring. To attract a crowd’s attention companies will hire the sexiest looking models they can find, dress them in skimpy outfits and have them pose with cars. The more models in one area, the more attention is drawn to that area.

Picture wise, girls posing with cars produce much of the nicest pictures around.

Take Megan Fox for example.

Guys wanted her as a girlfriend just cause she looked hot bent over a bonnet

Or leaning on a bike

So why do cars and girls make such an amazing combination?

To be honest with you there’s no scientific answer here. I could attempt to give you some random answer that I thought up while writing this such as “cars and women both causes the brain to produce adrenaline thus raising excitement levels” but I would just be mocking at your intelligence. Regardless, here’s a whole lot of pictures of cars and girls to help your brain produce adrenaline and raise your excitement level.

Popular caption would be : That ASS


Drift better in high heels

Drive a nice car, expect random girls to just pop up and lean on your car

There, more proof that is happens

or scratch your bonnet with her heels