Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Off the web

Due to the fact our car prices cost so much, its very rare to find cars that have extreme body work done to them. The mentality is cars that are too extremely modified lose resale value. I’m not talking about engine modifications here but more towards the “Hellaflush” movement.¬†Ironically though, our labour cost locally and in our neighboring country Malaysia is considerably cheaper then what you can get overseas. Theoretically, this would mean we SHOULD have more Hellaflushed cars since we can get work done professionally and cheaper. Strangely that is not the case.

It starts of with buying an extremely over-sized wheel

Here is an example of the kind of work the overseas people are willing to do to their own cars. This was a DIY project mind you, and that it should remind you that we really ought to be thankful for the cheap labour charges here. At least we would not have to see this being done to our cars just to have the Hellaflush effect.

It would definitely hurt me to see this being done to my car, how about you?

*Note: The owner did have a change of rims mid build*

And the finish result

Now before you proceed, there will be some very disturbing images. Parental guidance is advised.

And the process to get to that end result

Take to your fenders with a chainsaw

Some putty for the multiple cuts.

It certainly does look stunning.

Would you be willing to let this happen to your car just to look this awesome?

I’m just thankful that our country offers us cheaper labour cost at body kit shops and that this wouldn’t have to be done to achieve a similar effect.