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Osaka JDM

Written by: Randy Foo

Car Craft Boon also known as Osaka JDM to many, is like the holy grail for Honda motor heads around the world. The photos in this post took a total of 2 years and 2 seperate trips (2013,2014) before I actually found the time to sit down and write it.


I will try my best to not mix up too much of the images from both the trips so that you guys can see the progress of Kazuhiro san and his shop. The first trip down to Osaka JDM was a purely Kansai region trip with me visiting places like Auto Select and the many temples located in Kyoto, it was a holiday trip afterall.

Staying in Namba meant easy access to most of the train networks in Osaka, the shop is about a 20 minutes walk away from Kita Shinoda station which is a nice quiet neighborhood.


After getting my bearings wrong and losing my way, the friendly locals were always helpful to provide much needed directions even though I could not speak the language. The sun made the walk so much less torturing in the winter.


Kazuhiro Furukawa is the man behind Osaka JDM and I believe with the recent video of the Kanjo racers, more people will get to know about the local automotive scene. In true Japanese style, he was an extremely warm and generous host, showing me around the shop even though I did not make any prior arrangements for a shop visit. This was also why I made it a point go visit him again earlier this year, this time accompanied by the guys from AFTMKT magazine.


His daily driven Audi back in 2013.

The shop front was filled with Hondas as expected. From EFs to DCs to DAs. The black DC5 is a donor car for an older body civic to undergo the K swap.



As I ventured into the shop, we can see why Honda fans love to coming here, Kazu san himself pretty into the USDM scene too. Its such irony that guys out of Japan wants to be as JDM as they can get while its the other way round in land where JDM is born.

That EK in the photo is awaiting a K swap. 🙂



The shop is filled with Honda goodies ranging from wheels to interiors to complete that build you always wanted.



Ahh those sexy sexy Works x Osaka JDM Loop 5s!

CarCraftBoon_2013_MG_9868web OsakaJDM2014_MG_8585web

Kazuhiro is also a firm believer of Japanese made products that’s why he chose the Barramundi Design wheels for some of his creations, not forgetting to specify that these are “Very expensive, very expensive”. The amount of details on each individual wheel is incredible, from diamond cut edges to custom anodising.


Hmm, traces of The Loop?


After we decided that we had enough photographs, we decided to head into the heated office to have a look at stuff.. Stacks and stacks of extremely cool stuff..


Stashed away is 1/24 scale plastic models, some of which are out of production, looking at these models causes a little tingle from deep within, stirring feelings from the auto-otaku in every car nut.


Being into the USDM style meant he also had a soft spot for Hotwheels.


CarCraftBoon_2013_MG_9885web CarCraftBoon_2013_MG_9886web

One of the main regrets I always have when I visit Japan is not understanding the language or I would be browsing through some of the Kanjo racing mangas! This was a poster drawn by whom I believed to be the creator of those mangas.


Merchandise from the manga to decorate your keitai?


Need a front support panel for your civic?


Fast forward to 2014, I made an appointment this time. No longer was the Audi sitting out in front of the shop, replaced by a Phoenix Yellow DC2.


That Mugen gen 2 wing…


Not rolling on Loop 5s but the previously mentioned “very expensive, very expensive” Barramundi Design 11s finished in orange.


The unmistakable JDM front front end.


I do not have the spec list with me, but its turbocharged B18C5. The spacer stacked hood sure reminded me of the “ricer” trends which ruled the streets some time around the early 2000s.


The shop hasn’t changed much, maybe just a couple of extra projects going on.


Going old school?


Another car came rolling in as we were getting ready to leave. Fancy a Mugen kited CRX?


The shop tour couldn’t have been better without the man himself showing us around. The largest regret that has been haunting me everyday was not being able to head to the loop with the Kanjo racers, the same outing that Joey from the Chronicles managed to capture on video for the world to experience! Just because we were unable to rent a car for the day at the very last minute to make the trip there.



Thank you Kazuhiro san, and I will be sure to see you soon!

Randy F