Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : Cyber Imp Productions

To Jonathan, anyone can eventually learn how to take a sharp picture but a true photographer can shed an emotion and tell a story through his or her photos. With fellow crew member Neo and Randy F, learning the ropes was made easy joining as a junior photographer.

One of the first few photoshoots Jonathan joined The Right Wrong Crew.

Jonathan started off photography as a hobby, and is armed with a Nikon D90 with Nikon 18-105mm 80-200mm and Tokina 14-24mm lenses. He has been shooting cars and scenery for over a year, due to his line of work he is able to get coverage internationally, and does join us for photoshoots back home in Singapore.

Jonathan's most recent photoshoot with us. See the improvement!

Well anyone could take a nice photo if you have a nice car to feature to begin with but to really invoke one’s senses through photography takes much practice and Jonathan has improved quite a bit in a few sessions with the rest of The Right Wrong Crew. He is a man of patience and that is truly reflected by spending an entire afternoon at Uber Garage with this Ariel Atom for a picture perfect moment right on the dyno machine.

Good things are always worth the wait, like this Ariel Atom

He often schedules small meet ups or impromptu sessions for honing his photography skills among his friends where ideas could be shared and everyone benefits from them.

Justin's Monochrome Beauty.

While Singapore being small may be a hassle for finding a perfect location for a shoot, this does not dampen Jonathan’s spirits. The fact that he personally drives a car worthy of a feature on this site alone truly shows his dedication for cars too.

Those Mag Blue 18" TE37s are one of the first seen locally, on Jonathan's Evo.

Bringing along his weapon of choice – the Nikon D90 wherever he goes, not only for his international posting due to work commitments, even for his meals in Singapore, he is able to capture moments of his life right as we see it in his eyes.

Right place, right time, caught while having a meal break.

With the privilege of travelling, some photos of scenery and cars unseen in mundane Singapore could be found, an example of this seen in Istanbul, Turkey.

Honestly I rather walk on foot than be seen in a Mini as a law enforcer.

Over the last few months, photography has become his passion. There is something about photography that gives him a sense of relaxation and excitement, comparable to washing my Evolution that cannot be expressed with words. Jonathan recently came home to Singapore from Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and was immersed in the world of Scuderia Ferrari.

Everyone loves overseas travels, Jonathan has just tickled my feelings with this.

Jonathan is an aspiring photographer hopes everyone could pardon him, give him some support and is always open for criticisms. Every day is a learning stage for him and that is where improvements could be made. ┬áMore photos by Jonathan could be viewed at Cyber Imp Productions’ Facebook Page HERE.

Slammed Merc spotted in his trip to Fukuoka.

Having a diverse group of photographers would mean photos seen on would show pictures as seen from different point of views. Everything could be photoshopped but deep in a photo’s result still lies the core of how a photographer pictures it in his mind. Subscribe to our latest updates by joining’s Facebook page HERE.