Reader's Submission

As most of you know, Mitsubishi launched the Lancer Evolution X in 2008. This black and blue Evo X was sent in to us by reader named Trey. Readers can submit their rides by following the instructions in the “About” Section. Alternatively, you can also post pictures of your ride on our Facebook page Here

While I am a huge lover of Evolutions regardless of which model, the stock Evo in general looks like…¬†Well, quite literally almost exactly like a Lancer with it’s tall (stock) ride height. The Evo 6 and downwards and Evo X in particular with the Lancer and Evolution sharing the same body. Trey however differentiated himself by dressing up his Evo up with lots of little carbon fiber parts that accentuated and enhanced the lines of the Evo X. The car is sitting aggressively on Rota Grids and overall styling is clean and effective. Undoubtedly, the performance of an Evo X is also assured with its 2liter Turbocharged 4B11. With such a killer combination of styling and performance will leave many of this car’s competitors black and blue.

Picture courtesy of Trey

Keep reading for a shoot of this car and many others in the near future.

– Ben