Reader's Submission

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Zandbox & Blackiephotos

A reader from USA known as Kosuri Atisuto sent in a picture of his car. He comes from the site ScrapeArtist¬†and wanted to share his Hellaflush Subaru with everyone. Although I’m a huge Evo lover, I still appreciate a nice Subaru. For the Hellaflush haters out there that will probably have something to say about this car, I recall this quote floating around online.

“Hellaflush cars are like a girl in high-heel shoes. Who cares if she can’t run a mile. She is looking sexy as hell. If she needs to run a mile, she can put on some running shoes when she goes to the gym”

And based on that i really got to share the love on this scooby. It IS looking sexy as hell!

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