Reader's Submission

As most of you might know, I am an Evo owner myself. I can never resist showing some nice Evolution content. Be prepared for more Evolution content as TheRightWrong covers a mini meet from the Sgevoclub as well.

Back to this submission from reader Vinson who is Singaporean but living in Australia. Lucky him, Singapore is small and land scarce with minimal great driving roads! Owning an amazing car like the Evo in a country more lenient on modification and cheaper cars must be fantastic. I wouldn’t know but I would definitely love to try! Best I can do is imagine how rocking it must be to cruise with a bunch on Evos on winding roads that never seem to end. The weather is definitely more forgiving as well and driving with the windows down would be an option.

Whats even better is they have lots of photo taking locations! Places where a bunch of non-law breaking modified cars can gather without having annoying typical Singaporeans calling the police just because they don’t understand what a gathering is about.

Here are a couple of pictures of Vinson’s Evo, the rest are just pictures on their cruises. You guys overseas have no idea how much I envy what you are able to do.