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This is the meet nobody talked about because it was meant to be that way. A collaboration between Nakama and TheRightWrong, to have the best cars and people in Melbourne together in one spot. The meet was called Recreate Japan because that's how we pictured an actual Japanese car meet to be. Just great people, great cars and a great atmosphere. This is the Recreate Japan western pre-meet.


What started with a casual conversation between Vu from Nakama and myself, chatting jokingly about crashing certain car meets around Melbourne and how we wished that we had similar meets in carparks that they do in Japan soon evolved into us trying to make it a reality. So began the idea to Recreate Japan.  The idea spawned sometime back in March and the original plan was to hold it in April. As fate would have it, track day schedules for both Vu, myself and Paul (PT works) our photographer was booked to actually go on a holiday to Japan. Several date changes later we finally set in stone a date, the 17th of May.


What we forgot to consider when delaying the event date was the weather. Melbourne’s weather got a lot more unpredictable as winter approached. This is the second event that Vu and I have worked together in setting up, the first being a much smaller Australia day cruise which will be posted on the site at a later date. The skies blessed us for the first event and we could only cross our fingers and hope it would do so again this time around.


I was absolutely nervous, checking the weather forecast every day one week before the event as it was predicted to rain on every day of the week except for Saturday and Sunday. As any one living in Melbourne would know, the weather forecast is more of a guideline than anything, the weather has a mind of its own with a lot of mood swings and there was still a very high chance that it would decide to pour on Sunday itself! Thankfully, we ended up with cloudless blue skies and an 18 degree temperature through the day making it the perfect weather for an outdoor meet.


The three elements of a meet we insisted on having in the meet were : things to watch, food to eat and  most importantly great people to hang out with. For that reason attendance was by invite only and kept to be as private as possible, our way to ensure that everyone that attended would not show up and do anything stupid to ruin it for everyone else. 


Vu managed to strike up a partnership with the Monash RC drift club, allowing us the use of the Monash University car park as our meet location while they held their very own RC drift meet amongst the cars. The meet was to be held between 5pm – 8pm, a time chosen specifically for two reasons. The first being the thought that a large majority of people would have plans on a Sunday afternoon. The second was that there would be a lot less cars on the road for us to encounter, in case we terrified anyone we drove past into hiding in their car for four hours (A joke only the Melbourne people would get. Google it if you must know).


The original plan was also to hire a food truck seeing that it would be close to dinner time. That was the perfect scenario as it would have allowed everyone to have a quick dinner and drinks while hanging around to mingle with fellow enthusiasts but Monash was not so receptive to that idea. We instead compromised with a simple sausage sizzle and canned drinks so everyone could have pre-dinner snacks.


Since the meet was being held in the East, we put together a pre-meet for all the west-siders to make the cruise over together. Paul picked a Docklands location right by the sea which also overlooked some of the Melbourne Skyline.


This one is a Sydney Skyline….


As you should be able to tell from the plates, this is Paul’s new whip, a sexy mint R33 GTR Vspec.


As the event got closer we began to hear whispers of the lengths some owners went to in preparing their cars for the meet! Resprays, new wheels, repainted wheels, lowering their cars specifically for the one day and the list goes on! Some of the cars have not seen any street time in months and we were extremely honoured everyone was willing to take their prized possessions out just for our humble little get together.


One of them was Duy’s Integra Type R. I went fan boy over the car as I got to inspect it up close. K-swapped, caged and stripped out interior with the ultra balling spoon cluster! It’s cars like these that help create the atmosphere to recreate Japan. Race ready cars with a number plate!

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We stayed around Docklands for about an hour while the photographers made use of the fading sunlight to capture some clear pictures of each individual car.

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We had numerous Japanese legends at our pre-meet and we could only imagine what other Japanese goodness did we have waiting for us in the east.


We’ve already done a feature photoshoot for this Evo 9, see it on the site in the future too!

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Justin Lim also brought out his mega-stanced S2000 for this meet. The car looks insane in the flesh, sporting the increasingly popular carshopglow tail-lights.

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If you enjoyed the cars from the pre-meet, just wait till you see what we had at the actual meet itself. We had so many cars that are hardly ever seen on the streets in attendance! But you’ll have to wait a little while for coverage on that.


TheRightWrong X PTworks.


Thanks to Paul for spending his every free second in rushing these photos out!


It was time to head off towards Monash and meet up with the other 50 or so cars that were already gathered there! It’s coverage you would NOT want to miss so be sure to check back to our site soon!