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The clock ticked past 11pm on the 18th of May. A miniscule gathering of friends gathered to embark on a 300+ KM drive up to Sepang International Circuit, to act as a support and pit crew for a friend who was participating in the Time To Attack, organized by


4 hours of sleep later, at a hotel a short distance from the circuit, everyone was refueling themselves. Cigarettes and coffee were the necessary vices to see us through the event. After loading up the prerequisite cameras and equipment, we took a short drive and arrived at Sepang. Eager participants and audience had already started prepping at the circuit; setting up the pits they will be in and walking around to admire the various vehicles that were on display.

Competitors were rolling in after scrutinizing was done on each and every ride.

What a throwback! An Abflug inspired Supra!


There was a fairly large number of Renault Magane RS that came to compete in the European class.


I decided to check out the different pits and hadve a heads up of what kind of monsters that will be gracing the tarmac of one the most technical circuits.

A circuit tuned S chassis was spotted. Something I had always liked. Perchance, it might  have been the influences from Japan, like Under Suzuki with his Scorch Racing S15 and Horikoshi with his Exceed Moat S14.

SepangTTARound1_1D3_0249web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0260web

A S13 spotting some GP Sport bodyworks that is usually seen on D1GP.


Super cars that came out to play; from Japanese godzillas to Italian stallions.


Something from the British camp.

SepangTTARound1_1D3_0232web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0214web

A large chuck of the event consisted of turbo 4WD and FWD japanese marques.

SepangTTARound1_1D3_0280web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0314 SepangTTARound1_1D3_0327web

How ’bout an open top track focused “go kart”?SepangTTARound1_1D3_0224web

Preparations were being made through out the track to get ready for the heats that was happening soon.


Like they say, its good to start young.


Just before the 1st session, a drive pass by all the vehicles were made.

SepangTTARound1_1D3_0323web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0312web

Once it was done, the cars involved in the Street/Super Street Euro got ready and starting tearing up the tracks!

One of the many Magane RS.


A single Mini Cooper JCW sure look comfortable around the track.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0428web

There was sure lots of blipping of the DSG gearboxes from the many Golfs that were present for that class.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0369web

So I heard you need a big 4 door to get around eh? E63 AMG would a good choice. 🙂SepangTTARound1_1D3_0561web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0523web

There was also a class specially for the Hybrids.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0485web

The Supercars and GTRs were up next.


A Wald Black Bison in its full galore.


LP700 Aventador also represented the Italian camp with color matching wheels and brakes.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0845web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0834web

Another Lamborghini in track trim was also out, the Super Trofeo Stradale.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0819web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0811web

A Mclaren Mp4-12C representing Club NeverLand got the fastest time for the class, clocking an impressive 2:24!SepangTTARound1_1D3_0788web

The steeds from the Land of the rising sun were up next competing in the RWD/FWD class, consisting of Civics and S2000s with a handful of S Chassis.

This DC5R running on Hankooks took his class for the Street FF.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0600web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0587web

One of the cars that I actually approached on our local roads for a feature. An S2000 with J’s Racing aero.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0620web

Let’s not forget the FF chassis of yesteryears.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0758web

Dominated by a fair share of Hondas.


We featured LHB carbon claded GTR in the 50 shades of grey article, they too brought out their FD2R for some fun.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0689web

Its always nice to see some Toyotas on the track, too bad I didn’t get shots of the other Altezzas.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0632web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0611web


Another class that saw a large number of participants was the 4WD class.

SepangTTARound1_1D3_1013web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1018web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1054web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1175webCompetitions were stiff in the different classes, another carbon creation we featured was also running in the Super Street 4WD which ultimately took the top prize for the class.


Last but not least, we have the Time Attack Machines, things that many could only dream of, having a dedicated track car for the weekends.

Jensen Tan with Garage R from Singapore took back 2nd place while Team LTM Gerald took top honors with a fastest time of the day. Making his way to the second in the Hall Of Fame for the series.SepangTTARound1_1D3_1208web

S15 not only looks right side ways, but also gripping on to tarmac.SepangTTARound1_1D3_0934web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1141web

That’s all for my take on Round 1 of Time To Attack at Sepang. I leave you with the remaining photos of the event! Till than see you guys at Sepang soon!

SepangTTARound1_1D3_1252web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1177web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1163web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1138web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1125web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0909web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0938web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0963web SepangTTARound1_1D3_1018web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0898web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0893web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0664web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0582web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0392web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0467web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0656web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0389web SepangTTARound1_1D3_0311webTill than folks!

-Randy F