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I doubt you'd be able to find a GTR heaven outside of Japan remotely similar to what V-SPEC Performance offers

The word V-SPEC has long been a model that’s synonymous with the GTR. So when I heard about V-SPEC Performance, I expected it to be some sort of spectacular GTR heaven. Was not the least bit disappointed.
V-SPEC  is extremely well known within Melbourne, being the distributors and stockist of many large Japanese brands such as Varis, Chargespeed and Rowen. Yet somehow, in my four years of living in Melbourne, I never once got the chance to visit the place. This time I specifically made the trek to the other side of town just to discover what all the hype is about.  As my terrible luck goes, I turned up unannounced and they were in the midst of building a dyno room for the shop which meant a lot of the cars that are usually parked in the shop had been moved to various other locations. The remaining ones were slightly covered in dust but was a true spectacle to behold nonetheless.
I walked into a GTR heaven I doubt many would experience outside of Japan. Where else in the world would you find a genuine 400R (only 44 400Rs were ever produced), a full replica 400R built with all genuine 400R Nismo parts(the silver one), not one but TWO mines built GTRs and various other NUR Spec GTRs. For the non-GTR people, 400R parts are not available to the public regardless of how much you are willing to pay. The only way to buy genuine 400R parts is if you actually own a 400R. The NUR spec R34 GTR on the other hand is the final production model manufactured by Nissan and a total of slightly over 1000 NURs were ever produced. Apart from the S, R and Z tune models of GTRs, the NURs are some of the most sought after R34s in the world.
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Unfortunately the 1 of the 2 mines GTR owned by V-SPEC was parked back home for safe storage. That particular Mine’s GTR was an actual demo car once built by mines which found its way to Australia.  In the shop still sat Mines number 2, based on a millennium Jade Vspec2 NUR which was built as a collaboration between mine’s Japan and V-SPEC Performance. The car was physically flown to Japan to get built, before being shipped back into Australia where Mine’s came back down to complete setting the car up for Australian conditions.
In a few months time, this very shop will also be home to a genuine Z-tune, 1 of 19 in the world that is currently still sitting in Japan at the hands of Nismo for a complete refresh of the entire car. Right behind the Mine’s GTR sat an odd looking M Spec NUR,  half matt black and millennium jade. I walked up to take a closer look discovered everything matt black on the car is actually genuine dry carbon Z-tune parts.
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Beyond the pair of millenium Jade GTRs sat another rare piece which most car guys who grew up with a playstation  would have undoubtedly experienced.  A Tommy Kaira built GTR which was the pinnacle of GTRs in the Gran Turismo series. Getting to see one up close in person brought back so many memories of wasted hours in front of the TV.
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On a non GTR related note, V-SPEC performance is also home to Australia’s very first 2017 NSX and also this very sexy Amuse S2000 AP2 with less than 15,000kms on the clock.
V-SPEC Performance is what I would consider to be Melbourne’s rare GTRs and parts specialist, but they also offer mechanical servicing and with the dyno room being built, upon completion will be offering in house dyno tuning. In their shop room also held a host of various rare Nismo parts, with every model of Nismo wheel available in almost any size. He has multiple sets of each model to cater to every need a customer might have.IMG_5550 IMG_5575
With the world going crazy for GTR’s right now and the prices skyrocketing even in Japan, V-SPEC Performance would probably be the closest thing to GTR heaven you’d ever experience in Australia. Bear in mind I went there unannounced on a bad day, with many of the cars moved away for safe keeping due to construction work and I wasn’t the least bit disappointed. I will most definitely be visiting again in a couple of weeks, hopefully to experience some RB Magic which might be on the dyno singing the song of its people.
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If you’re in Melbourne and would like to check out V-SPEC performance or look for Nismo parts, the address is

17-19 Terracotta Drive Blackburn, VIC 3130. Alternatively you can visit their online store Here.