Text by : Randy F, Photos by : Randy F

The composed calmness in their eyes do not reflect the slightly rickety hands nor the thumping heartbeats of both drivers preparing to tear up the track, sideways. A riveting highlight of the event that attracted a large crowd, both the young and the young at heart, was the 1/10 RC drift competition organized by Street Revolution, a local RC supplies store.


As per the recollection of a frequent trackie who took part in the competition, it “totally feels like waiting for your turn to exit the pits and onto track” in 1/1 scale.

2 drivers line up with their fancy 2.4Ghz transmitter, eyes on their car and fingers on the trigger just waiting for the announcement of the judges for the go to put motion into their cars through the brushless motor that powers it.


Many locals play on tiled surfaces which is slightly more accessible than what was at the show which was a carpet track much like those found in parts in Japan. The track was open to all for the 1st two days of the event, for seasoned drivers or new ones like me whom caught the bug when I got my Yokomo Dori Pake from my recent Kansai trip.


Once the “GO!” was announced through the mic, adrenaline was pumped through the veins of the competitors to get the best line,speed and angle just like how D1GP drivers do on a weekly basis.


Sweeping through corners and trying to gain the correct amount of angle and speed through those Street Jam polycarbonate tires with as little steering correction as possible.

Like they say its good to start young.


There is so much diversity in the world of RC in terms of the chassis you can get, be it a torque monster of a shaft driven one or the smooth acceleration of another that connects the power through a series of belts. My favorite aspect of the scaled hobby is the varied and distinctive look each individual craves for his shell. These run the gamut from full stickered out multi-colored paint jobs to the single-toned street machines.


Some competitors showed solidarity by wearing team colors.


Some others influenced by the people from the land that started the whole drifting madness.


When the competition was in full swing, the crowd was gathering to find out what its all about. As you can see on the track are “T” markings which represent clipping points.


I apologize for not being able to remember the winners as I was moving around from the RC competition to other parts of the event venue that had other things going on. I leave you with some photos of the action on the RC track that is guaranteed to leave your fingers itching for some sideways actions.

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Do check out your local hobby store for more information!

Randy F