While many of you have seen the group feature of the 3 GT-Rs, that post would be too lengthy if we included individual features of the cars alone. This Tommy Kaira GT-R is a perfect example of how a car enthusiast seeking the aesthetic refinements would be able to present a wolf, in a sheep’s clothing. This Tommy-Kaira mask seemingly obscures what a GT-R is capable of – pure brute power, yet looking like a gentleman’s car, is a pure baller upgrade to fit in a person’s daily life while looking like a boss.


Lurking in that corner is a monster, one to appear soon here.

Hence we present to you the Tommy Kaira GT-R first, of the 3 GT-Rs we recently shared HERE. The full feature would be up very soon (I’ve finished writing just waiting for one more awesome picture).  Be informed of the latest car pornography Singapore has to offer, right HERE on Facebook.