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An Elite (AE) 86

An Elite (AE) 86

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF, Neo and CyberImp

I used the words "restoring them to their original glory" in the teaser of this AE86. I may have made a little mistake there. After-all, this car was glorified by none other then... Well, lets put the number at a low 70% of every girl's dream guy. I can assure you Jay Chou or Takumi for that matter has got nothing on THIS. Similar to the show Initial D and especially if you're a car lover, you will probably be able to feel this car's aura right about now. It was a little different for us at The Right Wrong. We did not really have to feel that aura while waiting for the car's owner Benjamin to arrive to the location, we could hear him approaching and we all felt this gut feeling of excitement, as "this is going to be different". It was indeed our first attempt at a night shoot for our feature car so it definitely was different in that sense. So far it has always been in the day where capturing the details of a car is a much simpler task. When the car came to a stop and the headlights went off, that Blitz oil cooler assured us that this shoot was definitely going to be something special. Benjamin was a little reserved at first but it took a while before he was little more comfortable and shared some amazing details of this car. At age 19, he was lucky enough to be living next to local pro-drifter Ivan Lim who was previously a mechanic. Read between the lines and that hints at something about this car. Some of that pro-drifter living next door to me aura / stuff / influence / fortune must have rubbed off on Benjamin as well. Take a look at the setup and you'll realize it's set for drift. 3 degrees camber in the front and neutral camber in the rear. Sitting extremely flush on a set of ultra-rare (In Singapore) Volk Racing TE37Vs in 15" x 9JJ. I believe this is the only set in Singapore. The more important thing is, this isn't a show car. He really does and is willing to abuse this thing! It's probably why he has this scared-as-hell looking Doraemon sitting on his passenger seat. And in case you get scared, here's what's available for you to grab on to. But lets get back to the car. This photo-shoot was the best one we have had and majority of it was because of it's owner, Benjamin. He is an actual drifter who actively drifts in Thailand and at Formula-D Singapore with his track A31 Cefiro. Of course it should not be too hard to guess who is his role model. The man with a following that would almost equal Jay Chou, except by men and boys instead of girls, Keiichi Tsuchiya. That's where his inspiration came from in choice of body kit. Tsuchiya's personal 86 is using a similar kit. The significant difference is Benjamin is using a Jblood bonnet and much much sexier rims then what Tsuchiya's 86 has. Stopping comes from ATS mini 6 pot front brakes and standard rear brakes. It's all in the details that gives a car stunner status. .... Other then that Hello kitty bus-handle looking Strap but then again, "Who's to judge?" That is catch phrase in case its your first time on this site. Right about now, after going through these many photos you should be sitting at home or at your office reading this and thinking instead of working, "Sure the car is rare and it looks freaking amazing but what so special about the shoot?". Of course the interior has lots of other manly touches. Just look at that custom made dildo looking shift knob, to make shifting always a pleasure. Alright, I'll stop teasing and get on with it. Benjamin was a great sport and was willing to do something nice for us (Nothing dildo related) to make the shoot SICKKKK. We also have a video which will be uploaded to our Facebook page soon HERE. Disclaimer : What you will see here was done by professionals in a controlled environment and should not be attempted at home. It's either that or it may all just be photoshop and video editing. You know, just to make sure nobody tries this at home. So after we left the place it was on to rolling shots. Being our first night shot, we had no idea how it would turned out. Personally, I think it turned out amazing. These rolling shots were done around 9.30pm and bus stops were still packed with people. I have no words in my vocabulary to describe the reactions of people and number of necks we snapped when this rolled by. With Ray driving fellow crew member's Neo's car in trail for a different angle shot. Bear in mind, both cars were not exactly quiet. We really have to thank Benjamin for being such a great sport. Benjamin also had some people to thank for making this car possible. Benjamin : I would like to thank Ivan Lim who helped me build half the car at home, Nakorn and Pop who are Team Big Cola drivers who specially came down to Singapore from Thailand to tune the car for me. ST Power was responsible for the engine in this car and Sin Hwee for doing all the body work. Also, my friends also helped a lot to drive this car around for me to get it done before I even had a licence. Most importantly, my mother who has always been supportive and giving me the chance to make all of this happen including the chance to drift in Thailand and participate in Formula-D. For us at, to make possible such an amazing photo-shoot requires two hands to clap and that's just what we got while shooting this gem of a car. We could all feel the passion Benjamin had for this car which made it just that extra special to us. I honestly do hope the writing and pictures of this feature will allow you, our readers the ability to feel the very emotions we felt as well. TheRightWrong crew wishes Benjamin all the best in his up and coming drift competitions. Until our next feature, you can give us feedback and comments by leaving a reply below or on our Facebook page.


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