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Feature: Benjamin's Drift Supra

Feature: Benjamin's Drift Supra

Words by : Ray Ng, Photos by : RandyF, Shane JieYong

Some people engage in extreme sports to get their adrenaline rush. Certain ingredients in foods, like sugar, makes some go gaga; however, personally sodium chloride does it for me. Eating salty Mcdonalds while penning this article I wondered what is the first thing that comes into my mind when it comes to a Toyota Supra built for drift. Unfortunately it was the viral video of this Russian girl having her buttons on her blouse all bursting, exposing her rack while seated in a drifting Supra. Why do I have such a pathetic reminiscence of an iconic Japanese masterpiece? Sad to say we have none roaming our roads today, nothing to refresh my memory with. All these Mark IV Supras were either scrapped or exported out, and yet to know of one with it's COE (Certificate of Entitlement) renewed after it's 10 year lifespan.Therefore when one fine example from Malaysia showed up for The Alliance Meet earlier this month, it was rather evident that he bagged the Best JDM trophy. The Mark IV Supra got most of it's fame back then being driven by Paul Walker against Vin Diesel in The Fast And Furious, and though we may not have the Supra here on our local roads, many "interesting" examples of how a car could be dressed up appeared otherwise. Why ruin a great car? The Supra is quite a monster when in Top Secret's hands, and drifts well when piloted by Max Orido back then. In our land scarce Singapore, tight regulations control the amount of cars we have on our roads with the 10 year lifespan COE system, resulting in China-made biscuit tin cars in the showroom cost approximately USD$65,000.With that money alone you could buy at least 2 Supras, one for track, one daily driven. How nice. With cars in Singapore being so costly, many could dream of having a car, let alone having a Supra. The future of motorsports in Singapore looks bleak. Where did Benjamin get his Supra then? Thailand of course, a nirvana where recently he took part in Thailand's D1GP. Thailand, unlike Singapore, organises many motor sports events that many could take part, other than the D1GP mentioned earlier, and also the annual BangSaen Speed Festival. Thailand is like heaven compared to earth in Singapore, where we might have Formula 1 this weekend, (they are practising in the rain as I write). It seems that Formula 1 is comparable to aristocrats watching horse racing back in medieval times. You see, Singapore may seem it's going all out for the sake of motorsports, while there would be almost daily Facebook news feeds of the authorities clamping down on vehicle modifications. Well, in Benjamin's case, he didn't want to get implicated by laws governing modification that are only fit for the stone ages. His Supra, being a track car means going all out for performance. (As much as his wallet could back him up with.) Fit this for that extra grin in that smile on your face. His 1UZ powered Supra is equipped with a dogbox, and not forgetting the NOS direct port to give that extra "sucker-punch" feel to other competitors. With fuel injectors the size of 1,680cc, you know Benjamin means Business. Alright. That sounded a bit cheesy, but to keep the specifications of the car succinct, a triple plate OS Giken clutch keeps the 400hp always ready for putting pedal to the metal. Check the workmanship on the spot welding. Not forgetting the visual rainbow it accents. As seen in his AE86 we featured twice here on TheRightWrong, Benjamin's a perfectionist and going through even the engine spec list of the car would make everyone either gawk in envy or yawn as it's lengthy. Interior wise, Sparco Rev seats with harnesses properly worn would help prevent boobs bursting out from blouses, a limited edition Fossa Rossa Key's steering wheel with Worksbell Thailand short hub and quick release. A Racepak HUD keeps the number of gauges on the dashboard to a minimum. The cockpit looks very welcoming, sort of edging you to drive it. On the exterior, the undertray, diffuser, hood, trunk and the wing are from Top Secret. The fenders from Ab-Flug accompanies the Do-Luck bumper up front, while the side skirts from Do-Luck joins the Monster rear fenders. Weird combination but it somehow matches as tasty like rojak (Name of a local tasty food mixture) Do-Luck Bumper with Monster Carnards. This Supra sits on Goodyear F1 tires wrapped on Rayden Project-D 18" rims, with K Sport coilovers and ATS brakes up front, and Project Mu in the rear. Wheels are dialed in on C's and Ikeya Formula camber kits. Well they say words can say this much and a picture can paint a thousand words, so let this video of a thousand pictures show you what this Supra is capable of! (Benjamin did a burnout with his AE86 here) We had to be capable of scrubbing those hooning tire marks the day after getting complains from the landlord. (All nonsense were done in closed premises and please do not attempt to do it on Singapore's public roads) With that being said, you could do it, but you wouldn't be doing it here in a Supra. Two days to scrub all those tire marks away. For the sake of this article. Check out more awesome stuff on our Facebook page here!


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