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Cars and Coffee Melbourne, August

Cars and Coffee Melbourne, August
Today is the August 8, for many Singaporean car enthusiasts this date holds something special. Its the one day where many of the car lovers get together for a day of fun filled activities. For the rest of Singapore its National day eve, the day before the nation Celebrates its 50th birthday. Since I'm currently based in Melbourne, I unfortunately am unable to partake in the August 8 activities and decided to celebrate my own form of August 8 here in Melbourne. It coincidentally happened to be the day Cars and Coffee was being held. A group of friends decided to sacrifice the much needed Saturday morning sleep to check out the event. Cars and Coffee is held on the second Saturday of every month on the RTR Skid pan (1 Banfield Court Truganina). It held a wide variety of cars ranging from old school to imports and everything in between. Bikes and stunt bike demonstrations also happen in an enclosed area on the grounds. It was a nicely organised event with an extremely friendly atmosphere. For anyone who has never been, it'd be an interesting thing to check out when you get the chance! Our photographer @PT_Works (while you're at it, also follow us on Instagram @Therightwrong) was on hand to help capture some of the most interesting ones that caught our eyes. We gathered at a nearby location for a pre-meet at 10am (I arrived at 10.30, sorry guys!) before making our way over together. 19773841114_5f4c58e7c6_o20396489545_56e9fd63f3_oUpon arrival we were greeted with a sea of cars and people.20387844942_30caca2f38_o 20396479135_8230cb6561_o20396461565_bbe13648bf_o 20370221156_b258361025_oMany high quality cars were in attendance including Phil's immaculate R34 GTR now sporting an original R tune carbon hood making the car look even more aggressive than ever!20402658141_386fd077d8_oSome really rare R34 Gtrs were also in attendance including a Vspec2 Nur in Millennium Jade and Paul's brothers MSpec Nur parked alongside Paul's equally mint midnight purple R33 GTR Vspec.20387898962_4b5455c472_o 19773792094_0b8c6a0a06_o 19773835754_e24f22a642_o20387835332_2da85f20bd_o20370166636_406d7f50a3_oThese guys were a dedicated pair, trying to get the perfect shot at all cost through the day! 20387837972_8cbba4be94_oThis R34 was really nicely done too19775527643_d8618812c8_oWe walked around admiring the cars, spotting some really interesting details on some like this Lego head gear knob.20209837429_bed3a2371d_oThere was all sorts of variety at the place and this aggressive looking CRX looked insanely good in the flesh. That half roll cage certainly stands out painted in white too. Would love to see this thing go on the track!19773827264_6fbc6f14e3_o 19775497573_38445a1cb9_o 19775508743_4537c7d91b_o 19775548253_1419349095_o 20208366770_df2bd5e3ba_o 20208368400_45aff21de5_o 20208406250_6f04e47eca_o 20208460948_ffdcd258ef_o 20209809679_87f3dacda9_o Old school Corvette caught my attention. Looking close to stock but such a historic car!20370195456_afac6dc3c5_o 20370197036_72fb89298f_oSpotted this hiding in the RTR shed.20387886062_cda2a870a4_oThe car and owner. That pink haired girl and her seriously hardcore Toyota Echo. Notice the half roll cage bars in the rear window? She also runs an event called Nugget Nationals. If you're looking for some cheap and exciting racing in Melbourne, might want to look into that too!20396414855_bb3c4ffb02_o 20396453825_f9226660e8_o 20396464595_e93fe7114c_o 20396480335_b8d1d86fc2_o 20396481875_774a368d28_o20402624981_9181eb2de8_o20402637801_f2ffea52d0_o20402643111_b808a48372_oMidway through the event some one got into a bit of a smash right in front of the event grounds. The embarrassment from everyone running over to check out what happened was probably punishment enough for the guy.19775512753_8f09221343_oThis however prompted everyone to start leaving since the Police was definitely going to be there. The fire department and ambulance came within minutes to clear up the oil on the road as well as assist the elderly couple in the yellow car to ensure they were okay. I must note that the cops did not harass anyone at the event or leaving the event. There were simply there to ensure traffic was smooth flowing again.20402585131_5f3c0e15f2_o 20402595001_652e11f443_o20208398870_26cd8c820a_o20370162116_f83a5e6ed4_o20396408675_ae0eb82933_o20370150366_e4486380ae_oIt was a pretty good event! And on that note I'd like to wish all our beloved Singaporeans a Happy SG50 National Day and to drive safe over the long weekend!!


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