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Cliff's S15 : Another Restored Project

Cliff's S15 : Another Restored Project
Cliff_S15_MG_0684webWhen we last left off we saw Cliff selling his beloved R34 skyline for a fresh project. He decided to keep it within the Nissan family and picked up an equally rare S15 silvia. I say rare because there aren't many of these things left in Singapore. The COE took its toll and most of them have been exported or scrapped. Cliff managed to pick one up with a flawless chassis, albeit a little banged up both on the interior and exterior but that is part of the fun he enjoys.Cliff_S15_MG_0729webThe people that know Cliff may know this, but the guy has a hobby of buying cars, working on them with full and detailed restorations with a large majority of the work done himself! Once he's finished he sells the car and starts all over again. The R34 took 5 years for him to finish but the S15 had a lot less to do and it was completed much quicker than anybody expected really. To be honest, most of us expected some sort of a RB swap by the time he was done. Cliff_S15_MG_0280webThis particular S15 came with some horrible engine wiring and banged up interior. Wiring is one of the most tedious bits of a car since every wire has to be done properly or risk losing certain bits of the car. A large majority of people probably would not go near, let alone buy a car that has butchered wiring unless you have the pockets deep enough to get everything rewired and its a job that requires a high level of patience! That said, Cliff popped up the car on he's jacks and set about rewiring the entire engine bay. Since it was already getting done, he extended the wires in order to do a complete wire tuck as well as spray painted the engine bay. Painted in purple to provide a contrast between body colour and engine bay much like what many of the show cars in the USA do.Cliff_S15_MG_0320web Not everyone appreciates the Advan Trispokes but it reminds me of the D1 days where drifting was not as popular and mainstream as it is now, when the HKS s15 ran red and yellow trispokes! It certainly compliments the S15 body lines quite well. The Dmax widebody was blended into the car and repainted so the curves look factory instead of showing riveted panels. The regular person might not even realise the car boasts a wider track of 30mm both on the front and rear.Cliff_S15_MG_0439-halfweb Cliff_S15_MG_0614web Cliff_S15_MG_0740web Cliff_S15_MG_0784web Cliff_S15_MG_0481web Cliff_S15_MG_0554web Cliff_S15_MG_0532web Cliff_S15_MG_0391webLook beyond the very rare only sold in Japan Defi supersport cluster, you'll notice the surrounds are all carbon fiber. Cliff bought a completely new OEM Nissan interior for the S15 and had everything wrapped in carbon fiber ! Cliff_S15_MG_0284webCliff_S15_MG_0307webCliff_S15_MG_0297webCliff_S15_MG_0290webAs usual, this S15 is currently for sale and Cliff already has plans for his next project once this car is sold. I've heard about some of his plans and like both of his cars, it will definitely be interesting to watch what he decides to do again. Engine: Full forged engine with tomei internals, greddy camshafts(256 in 10.5mm, 264 in 10.5mm) I think is 264 exh and adjustable cam pulleys, greddy rocker arm stopper, 1.2mm tomei head gaskets, hks fuel rails, R34 clutch fan, greddy oil cooler with customized air ducts, greddy intake manifold, 800cc injectors, blitz dd super sound bov, tomei fuel regulator with all brand new fuel hose, Fuel surge tank, 2 x bosch 044 fuel pump, AEM Methanol injection, Turbo hose and pipes wrapped with gold wrap, Battery relocated to boot, OS Giken STR twin plate, Motec M800, Owen GTX 2871r, 3 inch dump pipe and down pipe, Fujitsubo RM01 exhuast Performance: 480HP @ 1.5bar, 600nm torque Handling: full cusco undercarriage, Cusco Zero coilover, Cusco 1.5 way LSD Interior: Defi Super Sports Racing Cluster, 2 x Bride Brix, Brand new OEM Nissan interior carbon wrapped, Yashio Factory handbrake cover and shifter boot Exterior: Full Dmax widebody (30mm front / rear), Garage Mak Carbon GT Wing, Rear LED Tail lights, Advan Super Racing V2(8.5 +14 front, 9.5 +6 Rear), Endless 6 point front and rear brake kit


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