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Feature : Varis Time Attack Evo 9

Feature : Varis Time Attack Evo 9
Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo, Shane, Randy & Tecky We live in a society of conformists. Everyone seems to follow trends, be it fashion, technology or social trends. So every once in a while when something different, something epic comes along and rocks the the the world with so much awesome that it becomes viral material. Viral is the rate of which something is shared over the internet. Justin Bieber was an example of bad viral which unfortunately for our ears, made him so popular. Good viral come from things like the PPRE 6 rotor engine, these people that change the standards of which things are based on from then on. Its always that boundary that somebody pushes going beyond anything ever imagined that makes for viral material. We caught wind of this Evo project when it was still in the paint shop and true enough, it went viral locally the minute the first picture of it surfaced. Almost everyone knew about the car by the second day! As much as I remember promising to steer clear of Evolution content on the blog for a while, its this level of epicness that has forced me to eat my words. I made sure that we were able to get a full and proper feature of this car. Fact is, there are actually many crazy cars in Singapore that do not see the light of day. These cars are full track cars which are not road registered and only allowed to be towed to and from the tracks. Nothing seems so special because its normal for a track car to be hardcore and crazy built. To do the same thing on a road car however, is a whole different ball game. Mention the words "Crazy wide body Evo" and there will be no other car that will pop to mind, except Desmond's mind blowing Evo 9. Desmond, the owner of this particular Evo also owns a bicycle shop called D-cyclewerkz. The business he owns supports his passion for riding and that business also fuels his other high octane passion! Life really doesn't get better then getting to do the things you love all the time. He upgraded to this Evo from his Honda Civic about one and a half years ago. During this time his car has been through multiple setups with its original focus on drag racing, followed by drag racing AND time attack and now, purely time attack racing. Pointing out the obvious, you might notice the car is missing a canard. This was because the carnard some how got lost on the drive up to Sepang for the most recent Time to Attack. This is no track car, its a road registered and road driven race car and it wasn't as you would expect, towed up to the track. It was driven up! Like a boss. This insanity you behold before you began when Desmond's car was unfortunately vandalized and splashed with paint remover several weeks back. Some of you may have seen that particular picture on our Facebook wall in a bid to find out if any one might know who the culprit is. That culprit was never caught, but his acts required Desmond's recently sprayed painted Frozen grey Evo to undergo yet another spray painting job. Opting for a change in flavour, he picked Frozen white instead. So then the modification bug latched onto his brain and said, "since the car is already getting spray painted, how about a new body kit to go with that spray paint.". That's when he decided to fully shift his focus from a hybrid of drag racing and time attack to full fledged no holds-barred Time Attack racing. In a sea of many replica kits in Singapore, the most common being the Voltex kit, Desmond wanted something that would be unique and different from the norm. He didn't like the APR widebody kit and since "Voltex" and "unique" is also impossible to use in the same sentence, his only and preferred option was this. The ONLY ORIGINAL Varis Time Attack kit to ever hit our shores and in all likelihood, it probably will remain the only piece for a long time. That is unless somebody else decides to follow suit in this insanity and embark on a similar project.Though we're pretty certain that is highly unlikely! It might be possible with a track car but you just don't see that happening on another road car anytime soon! Especially not with the recent increase in enforcement attention. Then again, I have been proven wrong before. Those curves seem strangely sensual Afterall, despite the extremely high car prices of Singapore, there have been many high quality builds that have emerged from miserably tiny shores. This being one of them. Purist may crying foul with the use of Rota wheels on such a high budget setup but all circumstances taken into consideration, I think its alright to be sitting on Rota wheels. This car was just completed 3 days before the Time to Attack competition it was set to take part in, and there's really no point in having a Time Attack car if you don't actually take part in a Time Attack Race! Desmond could source for no other wheels at the point of time but he does already have plans to order a set of AME wheels. A dirty engine bay on a well and often used car Even overseas, track cars sporting Varis aero seems always to be accompanied by Tomei parts. Things are no different here with this monster being powered by a Tomei short block, mated to a Owen Development GT35 turbo and Full Race manifold, Kansai intake airbox and intake manifold and tuned by an Apexi Power FC. Cyber Evo style headlight intake ducts removing what used to be the foglights and craft square mirrors complete the overall outlook. Its not very often that somebody pushes the boundaries of what limitations have been set in our mind, especially since we have been natured by society to be conformist. We are however very glad that Desmond has done whatever he has done to his car, or we would not have otherwise been able to experience something as great as this. A car that will stand out from the crowd for a long time to come. I'm quite certain there are many people out there now envying what Desmond has had the courage to do, most having dreams to do like-wise. The difference is those people will probably have excuses for not carrying out those dreams. Our pictures may show you most of Desmond's car but there is really no better substitute then actually seeing the car in the flesh for yourself! Desmond has agreed to be present at The Alliance Meet! Regardless or not he has the time to make it down personally, his car will be on display during the event. To those of you who want to see this beast up close and in detail, be sure to check out the details and register for the event HERE! See you there! Engine : Tomei short block, Tomei 280 cams, Valve springs and retainers, Owen Developments GT35 with Full Race manifold, Kansai airbox and intake manifold. Suspension & Brakes : Aragosta coilovers, Endless 6pot front, 4 pot rear brakes. Wheels : Rota Grids, 17 x 9.5JJ +12 with 30mm spacers in the front and 20mm spacers in the rear, Advan A050. Exterior : All Varis front bumper, wide fenders, front diffuser, canards, undertray, all carbon GT Wing Time Attack ver., side skirts, rear bumper, Rear wide fenders, Varis Carbon fiber bonnet, Varis carbon fiber boot.


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