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Event : MMER

Event : MMER

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of content on this site recently. Everyone onTheRightWrong crew has been extremely tied down, either with projects or with work. As most of you know, we run this site out of our own pockets. So unfortunately we are unable to do this full time. Of course we would very much love to be able to keep hunting for the best car porn and to bring you daily fresh content so we try our best to give you the most we can. Regardless, all that "busy" is finally behind us now. Our schedules have cleared and we're back to bring you MORE AWESOME! Whats to see in this post is the things you would not see any where else. It has passed for quite a while now but better late then never right? It is the pictures we took at the 12 hour endurance race, Merdeka Millenium Endurance Race. The MMER Journey started from Entering the circuit This entire post is dedicated to MMER, not just about the racing. Those pictures I am sure you are able to find every where else. Our feature emphasizes on what was behind the scene, pits and sometimes in it. We still will definitely will give you a fair share of the racing action. After-all, the love of cars come about in the pursuit of performance. More then often, there are those who pursue performance and lose their tracks. They under-steered off the track and into the gravel trap in a sense. Those are the ones who become blurred in their vision and pursuit of performance and end up focusing on the aesthetics of performance. "Race Inspired Cosmetic Enhancement". RICE RICE is still the pursuit of performance isn't it? Its race inspired! Spotted in the carpark : Nothing rice about this! So on our way to the pits we had to pass the carpark. We briefly walked around hunting for interesting cars to shoot and to leave our name cards on in search of our first Malaysian feature. Didn't exactly find anything extremely unique but there were a couple of cars with unique details. Love for performance right there Upon entering the Sepang pit area it was just after the race had started. Race queens had finished their work and were getting ready to leave. Heading off to change into something less revealing Still great to look at though Race queens left after this photo. Their job was done and it was the beginning of ours! So we had to get down to the serious business, what could possibly be interesting behind the pits? Spotted an extremely worn J's racing bumper. Battle scars from practice I guess Left in the sun to bake. To get some heat into them Tracy sports team room! Walking to the start of the pit area, myself and Neo spotted this Lotus cooking in the sun. Not to sure whats the story but there were a number of Lotus cars racing that day. Might have been a car for spare parts? Not a full fledged GT Car but still looked nice with those AP Racings sitting in the front. Beyond the Lotus to the extreme front end of the pit area was a this gem, caged in a corner. It had Mclaren badges all over it. ;) This left us thinking, if we had such luck on this end... What might possibly be on the other side? Then we spotted this on our way to explore the other end. Yeah I'm sure you don't care very much for the men in this picture But I'm pretty sure you would care about this. Guess what's underneath? LIKE A BAUSSSSS Ferrari rear brakes It was looking pretty good, we were hunting for whats better then that Merc and we certainly found it. Then we stumbled upon another cage. This time it didn't house a lone gem. It housed a shit load of them Speaking of Lamborghinis there were a couple of them racing that sounded insanely orgasmic. We proceeded to head up stairs to capture a more pictures of the cars racing. We walked past this particular pit and some how something caught our eye. It was taunting us to get closer It might have been the BBS rims That looked like they have been well utilized Or it might have been this. The kind owner allowed us in the pit to get a clearer picture Loved his head gear Petronas pits who were racing two SLS AMGs Sounded Hella Awesome My good friend Sebastian who bought us the guest passes allowing this to cover this event was racing for Team ST Powered. So of course, we we had to shoot the car he was driving. Where that worn J's racing bumper came from - Car 33 ST Powered had 3 Civic Type R's racing that day. There were quite a number of Sciroccos racing that day as well. They were running a private race known as the Scirocco cup. Too tired to park further in the pits I'm guessing Driver change time Singapore's Mediacorp decided to sponsor a Belgian race team. Tracy Sports S2000 12 hours of Racing. Very Nice Safety cars on standby at the pit exit Here's the Petronas team Then here's Audi doing it in style The bull was on the hunt Similar as the one hidden under covers behind the pit I'm not too sure why but I actually liked the graphics Alright, Horse is well fed and back to hunting bulls and gulls! The world's most expensive road sweeper and his business competitor Enough about racing for now. We spotted a few interesting cars hiding in the track car storage area close to the entrance. Walking to the back proved to be a good idea when we saw what was parked there. RWB Thailand...! Not Porsche's though but equally cool Old school is always cool Signature RWB colour All 3 were RWB cars Including the Alfa In case you needed proof RWB Style, Riveted wide fenders As the teaser mentioned, this was my first attempt at photography. Point in mind, when they said low was a lifestyle... Not exactly low but stance is definitely my life style Spotted an old TVR hidden in one of the garages Wondering why they need a Sepang map when the car is stored at Sepang Well shooting done, we flew back to the pits to see if anything interesting happened. Alright we may have been a little bored but with casualties rolling in it was time to get back to work! This was the worst casualty of all Here's a hint at what happened This one broke down Spoon hardtop Hmmm... wonder if the amount of grass hints at why it broke down The Lotus broke down too as did this 350Z Unfortunately, so did the Civic Type R Sebastian and his team were driving. Gearbox died at the end of the pit. A driver has to some how get his car back to pits BY HIMSELF if he wants it repaired. Walking back to check with officials if the car was allowed to be repaired. In a race you see the true fighting spirit of teams. and fight was what they did - Photo credits to Gillian They went on to get a new gear box in place after this incident to complete the race. It was amazing to watch how teams shine in their moment of trouble. They showcase their fighting spirit, similar to the Mediacorp R8 who got hit late in the race. The Audi team had to repair the front quarter of the car and still managed to finish 5th. Of course there were those who simply gave up on trying to complete the race. One race team however that demonstrated their spirit was the Singha Racing team. They spent hours repaired their car which failed on them early on in the race. They carried on despite having to fix the car for almost 6 hours in a 12 hour race Only to have it catch fire It doesn't matter what the result is but the important thing is the journey along the way. I honestly admired them for their determination in giving their best effort to get the car out to race again despite knowing there was no way they could win the race. Must be a lot of disappointment under that helmet. Still, Props for persevering ! These guys had no rest Just look at that tyre wall We took a couple more shots before we left Sepang. We did not get to watch the end of the race but what we saw in the 8 hours that we were there was amazing. I will leave you with more shots below taken at the 2011 MMER. The trip up to attend MMER was tiring but well worth watching. Congratulations to all the winners of MMER 2011! Enjoy.


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