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Event : The Alliance Meet perspective - Jon

Event : The Alliance Meet perspective - Jon
Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Jon Jon was the earliest to reach the show grounds at 9am on the Sunday. You may have seen a quirky looking man in a farmer's hat walking around, that was him. While Neo was assisting his cousin in videos and photography, Jon was scouring the show grounds covering much of the mini photo shoots happening within the grounds. The Alliance Meet held at the Changi exhibition grounds while hot and in the open, was just by the sea and provided the event with a much needed sea breeze. It also allowed many privateers who popped by the show ground either to check out the display cars or exhibit their cars to take advantage of the nice backdrop and organize their own mini photo shoots. Of course, we start from the beginning from the time we were setting up and cars were already arriving. The project de creation WRX that arrived on the show grounds real early. While we set the arrival time to be from 11am onwards, cars were already streaming in in hordes from as early as 10.15am! Clement's incomplete skyline getting towed to the show grounds. Taking inspiration from Japanese cars. The mini mob that formed a mob, becoming not so mini. You are bound to see lots of repeated photos of this car, because that almost all carbon exterior was just mind boggling. The 9tro lorry patrolling, selling much needed refreshments with salesmen Nikolai and Kevin! Just kidding, I'm sure they were just helping out and taking advantage of the shade at the same time. The generations. Too bad its hard to find an Evo 3 in Singapore. Matt silver S2k, giving away a magazine called "Ziggy". Our videographer Ken hitching a ride on the 9tro lorry to get videos! Can't wait for him to be done with the video. The matching bike and engine bay. Only missing a carbon roof and a carbon rear bumper. The owner mentioned he was looking to get the entire interior carbon-ed as well. Can't wait for the car to be finished! Interesting to see all the different kind of tastes people have in their cars! Old scoob versus a new evo. Mortal enemies to the end! Women have coloured contacts to look pretty, men have... The unicorn Toyota supra. No road registered Supras in Singapore now, so it was an awesome sight to have one come down from up north. RWD weapons of choice. Your preference? One of the most hardcore Suzuki Swift Sports you will find on our shores. Redbull came down to show their support and give out free drinks, saving everyone from dehydration from the blazing sun. Still, it was much better to have sun then rain. I'd rock that iron man helmet! The drifter in his... Erm... Chariot? Sweeping TheRightWrong babe Shayna off her feet! Dig Shayna's superman shoes! The SK garage boss's battle scarred Civic Type R. A bunch of Audi's came down later in the day, didn't register but just exhibited their cars for the time they were here too. The nominated winners row. All well deserving of the title but unfortunately only 1 prize in each category was given out. Nearing to the end of the event, a lot of people held their own mini gatherings close to the sea for their own group photo. The legends of Era, an old Evo 5 and a GC WRX. Its nice to see these two getting acquainted. Best of show and his buddies lined up for a group photo as well. Of course it was not all park and show, gymkhana and drifting provided the much needed atmosphere. It felt like racing fuel was in the air, with blood pumping, music blasting and hot babes turning heads. Everything came together so well and with the support of the local car community, its an event we wouldn't forget soon. We've still got 1 more set of photos from Tecky, who I believe has over 400 photos and spent his entire day taking photos of each and every single car to his best ability. Stay tuned to the next instalment of The Alliance meet perspectives, through the lenses of our photographers!


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