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Event : The Alliance Meet perspective - Neo

Event : The Alliance Meet perspective - Neo
Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo The Alliance meet has been an awesome event of everything some how falling into place. 9tro provided the crowd with Drifting and gymkhana excitement while they collaborated with us in providing the show grounds used for a gathering of The Alliance Meet. The Alliance meet was also our way to celebrate TheRightWrong's 1st year anniversary, and there really couldn't be any other way to celebrate it. The Alliance Meet was named that way for the obvious reason, it was the first time TheRightWrong was working together with 9tro Magazine for anything. While we have crossed paths before, we have never actually worked together until now. Who knew that the collaboration would draw the support of such a massive crowd! This photo was taken at 11am, the meet starts at 12! While many of you have been telling both 9tro and us that we did a good job and it was a great event, truthfully none of this would have happened without the support of the local car community. As I wrote in the very first time we shared The Alliance meet on Facebook, this event is honestly about the local community and nothing else. It would not have been this great if only a handful of cars came out and showed their support. So sincerely, we thank each and everyone of you who made the effort to come show your support. Throughout the event, some of us were around trying to make sure everything went smoothly, arranging cars and the works while the rest of us were trying to capture every moment of the event to showcase to those that didn't make it down. The best possible coverage in all ways to let you know how great the event has been and hopefully the next time round, we will draw an even larger crowd with even more cars of an even higher quality. The hidden ones that were to afraid to congregate in one area. The problem is there was so much to see and so much to cover throughout the day with cars still streaming in all the way up till 4pm that it was impossible to have coverage of everything and every single car. Not that the entire crew didn't try their best to, but we could have missed out a few cars here and there. Don't be upset if your cars are not seen in this set of pictures because this event coverage will be about perspective. I will not be writing in the usual style as most events covered but instead, we will illustrate everything through the lenses of our talented photographers. Ken was out and about taking videos and so was Shane(JieYong), Jonathan and Tecky were all doing the best they can in capturing everything they could find so there definitely will be repeated pictures. Our coverage of the entire day will be done by show casing to you what The Alliance meet was from different perspectives. Through the eyes of each and everyone of our crew members who were braving the scorching sun from setup at 9am all the way until 6.30pm where we had to pack up and leave. So to begin with the first perspective is Neo, who spent the day assisting his cousin Shane in taking videos as well as photos. This is how the entire event was through his eyes, and part 1 of multiple perspectives of The Alliance meet. Be sure to keep coming back for more, as we will carry on photo spamming the blog with pictures of everything about The Alliance meet 2012! It was good to see owners taking the extra pride to clean up their cars further upon arrival at the show grounds! We also saw a white Accord Euro R with an owner making sure his rims were clean. Didn't get a photo of that unforunately but who ever you are, good job! People also brought out extra toys to aid in their car's display. In this case matching coloured bike and engine bay. The drift cars alternated themselves between drift and show grounds making their rounds every once in a while. The Mini mob brought out a bunch of their cars and assembled themselves in a row! Expect to see a feature of this Lotus soon! There were no lack of girls parading the grounds. Guess takumi had some spare time after tofu delivery. Best Euro! The amount of work put into this car is fascinating. We're in the midst of trying to get a feature with him too. Mundane corolla belonging to our photographer Randy F, with a set of ultra rare Tom's wheels! Hot babe from Eurosports performance tuning! Drift and gymkhana was ongoing throughout the day. Many parents brought their kids along to view the exhibits and watch all the action Our previous feature Youri came sporting a new set of wheels! Some rare cars graced us with their presence too. This car took best of show with no questions asked. So much carbon fiber to not love it. The Moty's booth out in the sun. The sure win for biggest crosshair ! This skyline was still partially incomplete and could not be started. It would have other wise made Best JDM a 3 way battle with the Candy red Civic from Choon and the Toyota Supra. That didn't stop him from towing the car down specifically for display! Thanks Clement! Randy and Brendan from 9tro who was acting MC of the day working out some details TheRightWrong babe Nicole on a Tommy Kaira GTR. and Shayna and Wendy and lastly Jasmine on our booth displayed Evo. Good to start them young! The Alliance meet turned out to be a family affair for some. After everything was done and the show grounds cleared out, editor Ray and his girlfriend Audrey who was acting Mamasan (looking after the girls) went out and took a couple of photos. Like a boss... This concludes The Alliance meet from Neo's perspective. We still gave more photo sets as well as a video that will be in the works soon, once our videographer Ken gets to book out from Army. For him, he had to leave early in order to book back into camp with severe sunburns. Must have been hell in that army uniform because he was complaining about it for the next few days. But well, it was still worth it! You'll be seeing more posts on The Alliance meet up real soon!


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