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Event : The Alliance Meet perspective - Tecky

Event : The Alliance Meet perspective - Tecky
Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Tecky The past 2 posts have been about The Alliance meet and we're going to end our event coverage with a massive post from Tecky's perspective. With over 240 photos in this post ranging from the simplest to the sickest cars at the meet and all the babes parading the grounds! It will provide you with a good general overview of how the day went and the diversity of the cars. We've never photo spammed like this on the blog and it will take you forever to load on mobile, so make sure to be connected to a wifi connection! This Ek came from Malaysia to attend our event! SK garage and RaceDynamics teamed up to bring a fleet of over 10 cars Danish Pride That's a rare sight. Not many old Euro cars get to live past their 10 year life span. Marcus forgot to register himself but his lotus was still definitely worth displaying. It's still an incomplete project with coilovers and many other juicy parts on its way! Our videographer Ken's well fitted Evo 10. Ray's girlfriend Audrey and hired model Jasmine setting up shop! Our past feature Youri decided to go murdered with a new set of Work rims. Yellow banana! Still can't get enough of this carbon fiber porn. Had to put the fit in there to keep the Evo from fighting with the scoob Last minute entry of a battleship grey Ek. Clean! The swifts were out in force too TheRightWrong girls wants a photo with you! our friends from Eurosports performance tuning came out to show their support Of course it didn't hurt that they brought out a hot babe And just for helping us heat up the atmosphere with all that hotness, we've got to thank our buddies over at Eurosports for being so supportive! Ek hatches are a rare sight in Singapore, but there were quite a few at the meet It was a little breezy... and the guys weren't complaining... 1st row of the show grounds! Drift cars alternated themselves between show grounds and drifting space to display their cars too This Clean Evo 5 deserves a second look TheRightWrong babe Wendy and Jvnne hired by C's performance were hanging out most of the day. Jvnne was also Tecky's person friend so she dragged him around to take pictures of her. Not that anyone would mind more pictures of her right? This dragon themed Evo was airbrushed with Dragons and had it's interior fully reworked including some dope sound system you see below. Of course model pictures wouldn't be complete if we didn't have 9tro models and TheRightwrong models together for a group shot. Stock cars were out on display too. Hey, we're not judging. If its your pride we let you put your car here! The owner of this Euro R deserves special mention. We spotted him cleaning up his rims and wiping on some tyre shine after he reached the show grounds. I'm sure many other owners did that too but we were too busy running around to notice everyone of you. Thank you for putting in that extra effort for the show though! There was a lot of Carbon fiber through out the day. Almost all the cars turned up looking spotless, evidence that many owners put in the extra effort to clean up their cars before the show! Another car that made its way over from Malaysia. Since the COE's of the existing Silvias in Singapore are expiring, we can only look to Malaysia to provide us with such automotive awesomeness. This stock looking pink Evo was driven by a lady. The clean and simple exterior with a proper set of SSR wheels and subtle details like the boot lid spoiler just makes this car look so perfect. He was our photographer Randy's friend who came over from Malaysia for the show as well. A well aged AE101! There are only a handful of GC WRXs in Singapore remaining, mostly also lost to the COE system. Cars like these should really be preserved and kept so the future generations will know the heritage of the Subaru WRX. It would be a shame if we lost all of them, the legendary beginnings of WRC for Subaru. 3 most popular tuning choices in Singapore, the Evo, the Golf GTi and the WRX. It's only missing a Civic type R in that line up. Using a Supra as Lawn chair + shelter, like a boss! The hawkeye and the Cockeye WRXs from Motec came down to show their support too. Of course, we can't omit Tecky's magnificent chick magnet on Prodrive rims. I was going to put "Tecky's magnificent chariot" here but he asked me not to, so TheRightWrong guys voted that "chick magnet" would be a lot more suiting. Wayne from RaceDynamics and his Pasir Gudang attacking Honda fit on Rpf1s. Most of the Euro cars came later in the show. LTM Performance towed out a few of their track cars to put on display in front of their booth. The Merc that won best Euro. It had a good stance and the amount of work put into it had to be admired. It was a close decision between the all carbon lotus and the stanced golf GTi but the Merc ultimately came out on top. Like a boss... Performance cars of Era, the Euro vs the JDM. My favourite kind of photo. The Tommy Kaira GTR we featured many months back came out to awe the crowd. Randy's Corolla and ultra rare Tom's wheels. That Fitment... 9tro girl Sandy who is also on this month's issue of 9tro magazine! Exotic looking lady. DAMN. Look at that front camber! The trophies for the 4 prize categories, Best JDM, Best Euro, Best of Show and biggest crosshair. Girls all love a Tommy Kaira GTR. No doubt about that. You have to see the carbon weave of this lotus in the evening sun for yourself to understand how amazing this machine is. Packing NOS. You like this! The front of Tecky's magnificent Chick magnet! Our photographer Jon's Evo on Mag Blue TE37s. Blue on blue never looked so good. Clement's skyline getting towed back to the workshop. All in all, The Alliance meet was a great event that we already have plans to do again. It wasn't the perfect event and we did encounter with several hiccups along the way. For example, we actually had a wet T-shirt shoot planned for the photographers but that was cancelled at the very last minute. There are many things we could have done to make this meet even more epic then it already was, but we're truly satisfied how it turned out for a first attempt. It's through this that we gain experience and discover ways to improve the entire event the next time it's held. The local car community and some Malaysians put themselves out there to make this event a success and it wouldn't have been half as great if we didn't have your support. It was also important that most of the participants were well behaved on the show grounds and while leaving it, so we didn't attract the negative attention of the general public and especially enforcement. At the very least, we will finally have a venue for enthusiasts to be able to show case their pride, joy and passion and also be able to socialize with like minded enthusiasts.


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