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Event : World Time Attack 2012 Day 1

Event : World Time Attack 2012 Day 1
Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Ben Wong, Editing : By the wonderful photographers at My story to World Time Attack was a simple one. Last year when they announced they would retire the Cyber Evo, I was heart broken because since I discovered the fun of 4 banger turbos, the Cyber Evo has always been my "idol" car. I posted on Facebook that my decision to World Time Attack was a last minute one, that wasn't exactly correct. My decision was made the minute they announced that the Cyber Evo would be returning to defend it's title once more. I was expecting to see... Little did I know that Cyber Evo would soon transform into... Nevertheless my trip and ticket was already booked and I was going to see the Cyber Evo before it finally retires and gets replaced by the Cyber GTR. However there was a problem in how was I going to provide coverage of the World Time Attack. Although we have quite a large number of photographers in, many of them use their cameras often. Be it free lance jobs or paid photography sessions. Thus it was a problem for them to loan me their cameras. It was only about 2 months before the World Time Attack itself that I decided to purchase myself a camera and pick up photography, SPECIALLY to cover WTAC 2012 for TheRightWrong. By then, the media applications for WTAC were already closed and I was unable to get a media pass. So if you find that some of the photos here are not up to similar standards of the other guys, please understand that I only picked up photography and has used my camera less then 5 times in the two months. Any how, back to WTAC coverage day 1. The Friday morning was quite crowded even though it was still a working day here in Sydney. National day is only celebrated by Singaporeans so it's not the same world wide. The sights that greeted me upon arrival proved very promising. This gorgeous S15, a sight rare in Singapore was sitting right where I parked. S15s are Singapore are rare but it is entirely different here. I'll explain the difference in a separate article later on. If you have noticed in any of my past articles, I'm the biggest Evo nut you will find. It should seem obvious if you haven't realized that I flew 7 hours to Sydney just to see the Cyber Evo. When I walked past the pits it was... before seeing some other seldom seen in Singapore makes. The seldom heard Brap brap idling of a well built Rotary There was so much car porn every where. This is simply the pits section that I'm showing you. I haven't covered the exhibits and everything else displayed on the show and shine. Let me feed you with enough car porn to puke rainbows from the pits first... Like this all carbon fiber front bumper just sitting on the floor This Gorilla Industries Supra. Road registered and road driven car. The Pulse racing Evo Top fuel s2000 driven by Taniguchi and so was the Rx7 from RE-Amemiya This 20B Rx8 from Pan Speed had a noise that would violate your ear drums. It literally ear raped your ears with so much awesome that I had to get a video of it. I'll be posting the video up soon! Saw this Crazy AMG Merc with a GT Wing running the Time attack. Who runs a Time Attack with a Merc?!? The Time Attack runs 15 minute sessions. On day 1 there were 3 sessions for open class and pro class but on day 2 there were 4 sessions. The UK Cyber Evo tried hard but could only set a best of 1.35 The car of the 2 days! Nemo-Racing Evo. And the man behind the wheel of Nemo, owner and driver Warren Luff. The Nemo-Racing Evo ultimately won WTAC 2012 with a blistering time of 1.25.02, taking 3 seconds off last year's winning time! It was crazy to watch them go lap after lap with no issues and keep improving on their personal best. Finding nemo while club sprint class prepares Under Suzuki fine tuning his machine! Under Suzuki had no issues with his car the whole weekend. He was out session after session pushing his car after each minor adjustment to improve his time. It allowed him to better his personal best from last year to a 1.28.3 but it wasn't enough for him to get the podium when he was bettered by the MCA suspension S13 at the very last session of day 2! Under Suzuki is genuinely a great man. Even with the language barrier, I got the chance to interact with him for a brief moment. He is a very humble man that appreciates the people that support him and that 5 minute interaction with him won me over. He has a great personality that the organizers of World Time Attack love as well. It is no wonder that they invite him back every year. The Sickest S15 that was present at WTAC. Club sprint cars were not slow either. Never would have expected to see this. It made a great sound though. Finding Nemo Came back into a pit for a tyre change before setting a 1.25.3, improving from the time they set on the very first session of 1.25.7. At 10.30am in the morning of day 1, on the very first session, Nemo Already shattered past years record by 3 seconds. You would know then that this car would be the one to watch this weekend. This Dominator Evo 6 took 1st place in open class with a 1.30.7, faster then many of the pro class cars. The chasers Evo 6 that took 2nd place in Open class! Fiery breath. his Evo was splitting flames every lap. So awesome to watch Tarzan Yamada looking stressed. The Cyber Team were only setting the car up on the last session of day 1. Tarzan Yamada stood there in racing suit and holding on to his helmet hoping to get a lap in. The car unfortunately was not prepared in time and he never got to set a lap time on day 1. After the Time Attack the drift started. It was too difficult for me to get a decent photo without a media pass and so I decided to leave. Lots more photos from day 2 coming soon! I've yet to show you the girls of WTAC, the show and shine section and all the exhibitions! Be sure to check back to soon.


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