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Events : Long Overdue VAGSG meet

Events : Long Overdue VAGSG meet

by Shopify API

10 years ago

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Jie Yong

This VAG meet has been over for almost two weeks. Photographer has been having exams and thus the delay in getting this post up. Regardless, it is up now and we said we would want to cover most of the car culture in Singapore. With the growing popularity of Euro cars especially with the Volkswagens and Audis for modification, how could we not cover the VAGSG meet. As you have seen in the previous post BMW.SG M meet up was also held on the same day. It was indeed a Euro feast for TheRightWrong crew, all of which are driving JDMs. This does not mean we do not appreciate a good Euro. The Hellaflush movement overseas comprises largely of Euros and we were interested to see if any of that hype has spread to Singapore.
By the looks of it, No...
There weren't any extremely stretched tyre type Hellaflushed cars present but more and more Singaporeans have been willing to push the boundaries on how low their car can get. I guess infusing the Hellaflush culture into Singapore will require a bit more time. Not that we're complaining, many of the cars though not Hellaflush had extremely decent wheel fitment. Additionally, due to the car prices in Singapore not everybody has the luxury of owning more then one car.
LOL @ the Sticker on the rear windscreen
This is yet another hurdle for the Hellaflush culture to come into Singapore. Being a small island, multi story car-parks and speed bumps are plentiful. It is already impressive enough to see owners dropping their cars with only about 2 inches of ground clearance.
While we're on the subject of low
On that subject of low, we bumped into our friend Gene with one of the lowest Golfs we have seen on the streets. You can expect a full feature of this car coming soon.
Endless Scraping
Another significant improvement I would like to gladly love to point out is more and more owners are willing to invest in a good set of wheels.
Sitting on HRE wheels
Cars in Singapore are priced so ridiculously high and yet it is common to see a BMW 5 series which costs almost 200,000 SGD rolling on cheap replica rims just because owners want to save that 1 - 2 thousand dollars. WHY? Rims of a car are like the shoes on a woman. Imagine a smoking hot woman in a sexy red dress with a slit on the side so high it would make your eyeballs pop out of its sockets. Here's a visual aid. Are you able to picture her in any other type of shoe other then those high heels? Those are what the rims are to a car. You wouldn't expect Megan Fox in that dress to be wearing a pair of New Balance running shoes and neither should your car! Fortunately, more and more owners are willing to put their sexy ladies in high heels these days which is definitely a good thing. It was a treat for all of us to be admiring the different types of brake and wheel setups accompanied by a wide array of body kits.
Some had front ends more aggressive then others
A herbie replica sitting in the corner
In the Evolution meet post I mentioned car meets are not nuisances like what majority of Singaporeans think! Of course there are the exceptional few black sheep that enjoy revving and driving really fast around the meet up area that attracts unwanted attention. Overall, meetups are generally family friendly activities. VAGSG even had free ice cream given out during the meet!
A whole family, kids included attending the meet
Always a treat to see old cars in Singapore
Matt black and properly fitted. Not a bad combination! Most importantly, meets are about making friends and sharing.
Golfs and Sciroccos were the two most popular models at the meet
The piece of paper on the back of the Golf R was to let everyone know it was for sale. For more car porn, like us on our Facebook page and if you would like us to cover your club meet, you can contact us via our contact us page HERE.


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