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Feature : A diffferent Stance.

Feature : A diffferent Stance.

Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF

I'm sure by now most of you would have heard that LTA says illegal modifications are very bad, very very bad, and they now can potentially detain your car for up to 3 months. The same people that have the ability to tell you "Exhaust modifications will affect brakes and steering". Apparently they're not all too familiar with the things they are governing. Nevertheless, since cars with modified exhausts will supposedly cause danger to the Pandas we lovingly imported from China, the environment, humans, animals, insects, the weather, the sleeping babies that will get woken up by noise and pretty much every possible imaginable scenario that can be thought of to be used as an excuse against cars with modified exhausts, we decided to feature a car that takes modifying on a different stance. Stance being a keyword here. When I first saw Angust, something immediately caught my eye and that was the illest T-shirt he was wearing. Fatlace made sure to make illest a life style brand and hence spawned multiple Hellaflush movement blogs. Truthfully, as fancy looking as Hellaflush looks, I never truly understood the appeal of excessive camber on a car. It was when I finally laid eyes on the Mercedes for the first time in the flesh with its rubber-less looking rims did I finally understand. Impractical as it may be to drive, it looked freakishly good! No massive body work or fiber / wooden body kits to get the wheels to fit here but it was mostly good old trial and error to achieve the results what you see before you. Normally we begin each photoshoot by placing our "TheRightWrong" sticker on the car, but with Angust's car we couldn't bear to "stain" his extremely clean car with an additional sticker. The only badges remaining on the car is an illest sticker on the windscreen and an illest number plate. (Thank god for not having a fake AMG badge on a non-AMG) Being Indonesian and previously having lived in Australia for a notable number of years, Angust has had much experience working on stanced cars. He simply applied everything he has learnt from his years in Australia, a country that is slightly more lenient towards cars and vehicle modifications. No ball-busting $90,000 dollar COEs there and modifications are possible if you spend the money to get it engineered (Their LTA approval). His formula for this particular Mercedes was to have it as clean as possible and as low as possible. No excuses about having to raise the car due to speed humps and carpark ramps. Angust rolls static low, first attempting to achieve this fitment with KW Ver3 clubsport suspensions but he found that the gap between the tyres and fender could fit more then just the thickness of a credit card, so he then changed to a set of custom built KW competition WTCC spec to make it lower with custom spring rates of 150 up front and 170 in the rear to avoid fender rubbing. You'd be quite surprised that this car does not experience any fender rubbing at all. The attention to detail in the pursuit of making the car clean extends to a level I've never before seen. Windscreen wipers were removed because it made the front end look "too" cluttered and there was no front number plate to cause distraction from the Original Brabus front bumper. All parts used on this car are original parts including the Brabus side skirts, rear bumper and mirror with a Wald Black Bison fender and an extremely light Mansory Carbon boot lid spoiler. Apart from the custom suspension, he needed custom Camber and toe link adjusters to achieve the current fitment as well as trial and error on rim specifications. The current set of rims are his third set after attempting multiple sizes. He finally settled for the current size of 20 x 9JJ +35 up front and 20 x 10jj +35 in the rear wrapped in 215/30/r20 and 235/30/r20 Toyo T1R tyres. The interior is covered in minor little details most people wouldn't notice at first glance, much like the exterior. Recaro Sportster fully adjustable electric seats stretching into the 5 digit price range specially ordered from Germany provide added support, yet retaining the electronic comforts of the Mercedes C class. Schroth Profi 4 point harnesses add to the sporty looks of the interior cabin. The final details are down to the AMG steering wheel, Brabus gear knobs and door pins. Yes even the door pins were changed to suit Angust's requirements. Since he figured he was going to spend a lot more time on journeys riding low and slow, he added some additional audio improvements of his own. A soundstream SS10 limited, iPod touch and Orion 97.2 to improve the already quite decent Mercedes Sound system. The result is one quite visually appealing Mercedes like you've never seen before in Singapore. So much so that the car has popped up over Facebook multiple times because various car enthusiasts familiar with the Hellaflush trend has spotted the car on the streets. We thank Angust for allowing us to do a feature and photoshoot of his car, because this would very likely be the last photoshoot for the Merc before he parts ways with the car. The car will be either scrapped or put on sale soon before making way for a new project. Angust has already dropped hints on what his next project will be, including what he intends to do to it. We promised to keep it a secret until he is ready to reveal the car once again and I can assure you, it will definitely be Hellaflush and nothing short of spectacular!


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