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Feature : All that's Black is Carbon Fiber.

Feature : All that's Black is Carbon Fiber.

Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF & Shane

"All that glitters is gold". Ever heard of that phrase being used in modern times? Probably not unless you live in Dubai where people actually gold plate their entire cars in 24k gold. So what does a modern more realistic country like Singapore have? "All that's black is carbon fiber". It is a much more modern phrase and something that a lot of tuner cars can use, much like the 50 shades of grey GTR featured previously. On TheRightWrong, we feature the very best of Singapore's automotive scene as long as we have access to them. Some are street rollers, some are fully build off-road registered track cars but mostly are maniac level modded street cars. This time however...... Is no different. IMG_6140 Every time I have ever written a post about an Evo, I have always proudly declared that I'm probably the biggest Evo fan boy you will ever meet. I've also repeated myself multiple times that I decided to fly to Sydney Australia for World Time Attack simply because it was the Cyber Evo's last race before it retired! Coincidentally, Filbert (the owner) did exactly the same thing! After speaking to him a little more and get to know him, for the first time ever I'm proud to say that I've found a bigger Evo fan boy then I am. He's love for Evos is on an entirely different level of anything you would have imagined. IMG_6181 The Cyber Evo has always been an inspiration to Evo owners all over the world, simply for the fact that it uses off the shelf parts and available kits that any owner can purchase as long as you have enough vitamin M in your wallet. What the cyber evo stands for is worlds apart from the level of engineering put in cars like the HKS CT230R and the Nemo-racing Evo. Not just that, but the Cyber Evo was still one of the fastest Time Attack cars in the world and that Voltex kit just oozes sexiness from every arc in its body. FilberEvo_2012_MG_5943web Filbert took inspiration from just that, opting for a more road friendly Cyber Street version Voltex kit. Its almost similar to the one that the Cyber Evo uses, except for the massive front splitter and fender add-ons. The differentiating factor from every other Voltex kit around is that his is entirely made up of carbon fiber. FilberEvo_2012_MG_621webFilberEvo_2012_MG_5964web IMG_6153 Roses are red, this Evo is too, its Voltex and carbon clad, sitting on AME Tracers TM-02!FilberEvo_2012_MG_6127web Much like a rose, this Evo has thorns down its stalk that has pricked Filbert several times before he reached this stage of the build. Bear in mind, the car is still ever evolving with a lot more plans coming at the start of 2013 . FilberEvo_2012_MG_6104web Filbert built his Evo to be Time attack focused, much like the Cyber Evo. In July 2012, his Evo was finally completed and was on its way up to Sepang for its first ever shake down run. In a convoy and travelling at 100km/h on NSHW, a Malaysian car suffered a tyre puncture and lost control, tapping his Evo in the rear while in the middle of a right bend, causing it to spin in off into a ditch. Thankfully nobody was injured, and Filbert and wife managed to walk out of that accident without much issues. IMG_6128 The car however did not get off so easily. Any performance car owner will know that once a car has suffered chassis damage, no matter what sort of repairs you do it will never feel and handle the same again. Filbert salvaged what was left of that Evo, engine parts and everything he could retrieve and scraped the car. This is where most people would have been disheartened and given up, submitting to fate (and the recent enforcement heat). Instead, Filbert picked himself up and brushed himself off, bought himself the SECOND Evo and carried on from where he previously left off coming back more bad ass and harder then before. This new and improved version 2, is the one that that we have the honor of show casing to you today. FilberEvo_2012_MG_6089web Many of you might have seen this car in The Alliance meet 2012. He went home winning best of show.IMG_4626 Most notable difference from then and now are the AME Tracer TM-02 rims compared to the Enkei RPF1s previously. All other modifications however, were fitted after the meet. He wanted to have his car completed before we did this photoshoot and feature for him, which is why it was almost a 4 month wait before we got to feature this car. FilberEvo_2012_MG_5877WEB FilberEvo_2012_MG_5885web While his goal was to build a Time attack beast, he still enjoys taking this car out on drives and cruises as and when he can. What good is a car this nice if its not taken out to be enjoyed.... FilberEvo_2012_MG_5903web FilberEvo_2012_MG_5962web FilberEvo_2012_MG_5968web Your chances of spotting the car might be slim though, because he just got himself a second car for a daily driver. FilberEvo_2012_MG_6044web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6071web I wasn't kidding when I said he's love for Evos is on an entirely different level. His daily car is an Evo 10.FilberEvo_2012_MG_6113web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6115web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6133web Where you might possibly spot the car.FilberEvo_2012_MG_6142webFilberEvo_2012_MG_6155web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6179web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6185web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6195web FilberEvo_2012_MG_6205web Filbert also has another Evo 8 in the country he travels to regularly for work. He owns 3 Evos in two countries, an Evo 8, Evo 9 and Evo 10. Is it even possible to find a bigger Evo fan boy than that?IMG_6115 IMG_6150 IMG_6160 IMG_6170 IMG_0993
Specs : Cosworth built block, Cosworth m3 cams, Cosworth dual valvesprings w/retainers, Cosworth headgasket, Cosworth timing belt, Cosworth oil baffle, Cosworth low temp thermostat, Tomei solid lifters, ARP L19 headstuds,ported and polished cylinder head, Tomei adjustable cam sprocket, AMS balance shaft elimator kit, ATI super damper, Magnus v5 intake manifold, S90 throttle body, Tomei fuel rail w/twin fuel line setup, fic 1050cc injectors, sard fuel pressure regulator, HKS kansai airbox, Perrin foam filter, Perrin intercooler, Greddy twin oil cooler, ARC radiator, Greddy type r bov
Forced Performance Black Turbo
sard surge tank, 3x dw300 fuel pump
Exhaust setup : Tomei expreme LTA compliant exhaust manifold, Turbo outlet and downpipe, LTA compliant Trust PE muffer
Suspension setup: TEIN super racing circuit master, Ralliart bushings, Perrin psrs anti-lift kit, H&R anti roll bars, Cusco 7pt roll cage
Brakes: Alcon 6/4 big brake kit
Gearbox: xtreme twin plate carbon clutch, albins straight cut dogbox
Interior: Autronic sm4 pnp ecu, Defi advance cr, Defi advance zd, Apexi avcr,
Juran steering wheel, BRIDE Gias II Lowmax
Exterior: cf bonnet, cf boot, cf doors, cf front fenders, cf rear fender addons, cf sideskirts, cf front bumper, cf rear diffuser, cf vortex generator, apr mirrors, voltex type 5 gt wing w/ Voltex Gurney flap
Wheel setup:
ame tracer tm02, 18x10.5 +22, Toyo R888 265/35R18
enkei rpf1, 18x10.5 +15, Dunlop DZ03G 265/35R18
IMG_6180 IMG_6211 copy IMG_6254 IMG_6305 Filbert's goal was to build a time attack beast that he can still drive out on the streets and enjoy on the weekends. Thus the entire car apart from the exterior was built rather conservatively to keep the car within the standards of being LTA approved. I think he did a fantastic job, creating a beast that has the potential to dominate the track while breaking necks when it rolls pass you on the streets, making you wonder if the car truly covered in carbon fiber or is it a carbon fiber sticker, a trend that seems to be very popular these days. You can look forward to seeing the car attacking the tracks in the very near future and I am genuinely glad to have been able to meet Filbert. It is people like him with such level of dedication that will ensure the continuity of the motor sports scene in Singapore.


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