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Feature : An Evolution family gathering

Feature : An Evolution family gathering

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo, Jieyong & E3lipse

Here at, we're extremely fond of threesomes. This time is no exception. More importantly, this threesome shows the evolution of the Evolution. From the CP9A platform, to the CT9A and ultimately the current CZ4A. We were unable to get hold of an Evo 3 for this shoot because the last and only remaining Evo 3 in Singapore is currently on sale at some car dealer's shop. Sad to say, the lack of Evo 3s on local streets is the result of the motoring system in Singapore. Its a system that tries to make every car owner change their cars every 10 years; in addition to being indebted to the bank for another 10 years. It's as though it is done on purpose to make us enthusiast serve our lives in slavery to the cars we love. Of course this is only applicable if you are not one of the fortunate people that can afford to pay $200,000SGD in cash for a car. We were contemplating the thought of including an "Evo 3" by using a Lancer to Evolution convert but ultimately decided against it. If this was going to be an Evolution shoot, it was going to be a legitimate Evolution shoot. We also specifically picked these 3 cars because we wanted to showcase how the overseas styles and cultures have influenced the local car culture. This will be an extremely short but picture filled post, briefly introducing you to the concepts and influences of these three cars. We have done this in such a manner because each car will have its own individual feature enabling you to have a more in-depth and detailed look. Singapore's motoring culture has always been greatly influenced by Japanese culture. Originating many years back when Civics ruled majority of the performance car market, at least 75% were attempting to give their cars the "Spoon" look.
Road obstruction ahead.
It is only in recent times that the Japanese Yen has been constantly increasing and people have been taking a closer look at an alternative to Japanese parts, the USDM parts. American made parts are a whole lot cheaper but have been just as equally proven. Its not just the parts that are being adopted, the Hellaflush and "clean" look has been slowly influencing the general culture.
Clean and Classy
Take this Evo X for example. It is the epitome of showcasing how the US culture has embedded itself into Singapore's own motoring culture. At a glance you might think it is just your average stock looking Evo X, but upon closer inspection you will actually realize that apart from that Varis lip, this car is also sporting a Varis Carbon fiber bonnet, boot and Roof. All that glorious carbon fiber has been sprayed over to achieve a clean outlook!
Carbon Fiber lovers should be cringing in heartache
Wheel fitment has also been calculated precisely to fulfill that overall USDM look. It may not be Hellaflush, but definitely flush enough to enable it to also fulfill it's weekend track duties.
Not your average rice box
Before the USDM influence, the Japanese culture have garnered the most interest in local context. The Japanese have always had their track cars done up with stickers and more often then not, so have their road cars. Being loud and flashy in an attempt to differentiate yourself from the general population has also been part of the Japanese culture. The Bosozoku are a fine example of how that has been carried out. This Evo 9 is no different with its loud flashy graphics inspired greatly by Japanese tuning company, Garage HRS with an added twist of its own. If you're still screaming "rice box", then it might probably help to say this car has everything performance wise required to support its loud and flashy exterior. You will get a closer look at this car when the individual feature is out.
Watch your back
Last but not least, comes the most aggressive looking Japanese type influence. The wide-bodied, track spec, full fledged Time attack car look. Most of the best aerodynamic kits used world wide come from the Japanese. Even despite the shift towards using USDM parts, a lot of time attack cars are still using Voltex body kits.
Fat and aggressive, good on a car, not on a woman.
Its not just the outlook that is aggressive, this car is literally track-spec with a fully stripped interior and no air-conditioning. That has been the reason why it has been so hard to successfully arrange for a photo-shoot to showcase to you this particular Evo 6. "Form comes naturally in the pursuit of function" and this Evo 6 just takes that statement to a whole new level.
Those sexy curves...
Playing follow the leader in these Evos has been absolutely amazing for one very simple reason. Its not very often you are able to get an Evo 6, 9 and 10 at the same location and at the same time. An Evo 6 is even more rare then the Lamborghini Aventador. 20 Aventadors have been sold in Singapore. The remaining population of Evo 6s? Less then 5.
Follow the leader
So what happens when you get three evolutions of different generations on a long and empty road? Lets just say, we'll leave that to your imagination.
Darn road hoggers
You will get a closer look at these 3 cars in the near future. Until then, keep your eye peeled to our Facebook page for more updates!


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