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Feature : Just JDM DC5

Feature : Just JDM DC5
Text by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Ben Wong, Editing : Randy F In the beginning of August, my trip to World Time Attack 2012 proved to be an experience beyond words. Get the DVD if you want to really get a true feel of everything there! WTAC also had a show and shine area, coverage that should be filled with about one hundred pictures. Those photos are taking us a little longer to edit because the entire crew is in the midst of working out all the logistics required for The Alliance Meet 2012 at the moment. If you're Singaporean and haven't heard about the meet, click on the tab above! Any way, this feature came about when we posted this photo of the WTAC show and shine on Facebook with Club ITR representing! Owner of, Felix then dropped us a quick message to thank us. I had a short chat with him and then proposed the idea of him pushing any note worthy Integras from his club my way. If schedule permitted, I would then attempt to take some photos to do a few quick features. I say "Attempt" because I actually did not dare to undertake photoshooting too many cars, you would know why if you read the previous 2 posts of World Time Attack Coverage. Felix then got Kevin, the owner of the DC5 you see before you to contact me. He happened to stay nearby the service apartment at Bondi Beach I was lodging at. We met up outside my service apartment late in the evening and with no more natural light available, we set out on the hunt for any location with a bit of light. We didn't have to search long because the Bondi beach carpark seemed to be the ideal spot for a photoshoot. Kevin's Integra isn't a Type R, its a Type S and he didn't bother to make it seem like a Type R like many owners try to do with Type R badges and Type R conversions. He simply made his car better then a Type R. Also With the cooling weather Sydney, having a sun roof is just something wonderful to have, only second to having a convertible.... and Kevin also has a MX5 for a daily car. That lucky man... Kevin's Integra won the "Just JDM" award at the WTAC show and shine and its no wonder why Felix recommended us to do a feature of his car. The car had very simple and subtle touches to it but with a proper sized set of rims, the end result still looks real aggressive. Kevin brought his girlfriend along during the shoot, which was good because she kept mine company and they both hit it off. The two ladies stood idly by in the back ground while we had our fun with the car. His girlfriend also had to squeeze herself into the back seat so I could sit up front and look out for a good location. Sorry Carmen! Since this is his weekend / track toy, Kevin needed a bit more power to propel him down the straights a little bit quicker. So Toda spec c cams, Toda retainers + valve springs, Gruppe M air box, Kiddracing / Plm headers and a RRC intake manifold with Toda throttle body sit behind that Carbon Fiber bonnet. He then replaced the stock brake calipers with AP racing 4 pot calipers fitted behind legit Volk Racing Ce28s, 17 x 9JJ + 22. The way those CE28s fitted beneath the fenders of this Integra was fap worthy, tyres so meaty making the car look ever so functional. Kevin runs a -2.8 and -2.5 front and rear camber settings to minimize rubbing when driving over the dinks on normal roads, but that didn't seem too effective. We still experienced quite a bit of fender rubbing on our short drive over to the Bondi beach carpark. My heart cringed for Kevin each time I heard that god awful noise and thinking about the heartache that he must be feeling inside but Kevin didn't seem to mind. He just looked at me with a smile and said "I'm used to it". Guess that's how it is when you have a second car built purely for function! (The cars being so much cheaper in Australia seems to help with that a lot too) On overall, it was a great shoot and I walked away from it with two new friends from Sydney. Kevin's car seemed to turn a lot of heads even just parked there. You could spot strangers just slowing their walking pace down and taking quick glimpses of the car. I have to say a big thank you Kevin for taking the time out from your Ikea shopping and granting me this short feature! Also a shout out to Felix for making the arrangements for me. Hopefully the next time I'm in Sydney for World Time Attack 2013 with the rest of the crew, we could make prior arrangements for even more features! Specifications - Wheel specs : Volk Racing CE28, 17 x 9JJ + 22, Camber settings 2.8 front, 2.5 rear Handling : Tein Superstreet suspension, Spoon front and rear strut bars, Cusco rear sway bar, Cusco 1.5 way LSD and AP Racing 4 pot calipers. Exterior : V-lip with ARC Winglets, Carbon fiber bonnet, Mugen style spoiler, Ings+1 side skirt and rear bumper, Ganador mirrors Engine : Toda C cams, Toda Valve spring and retainers, Gruppe M airbox, 3 inch Titanium exhaust, Kiddracing / PLM headers, RRC intake manifold + Toda Throttle body, ORC 309 DS clutch, Koyo Radiator + Mugen thermostat and fan switch Interior : Mugen pedals, Mugen handbrake cover, Mugen shift knob, Recaro SR4 seats


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