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Feature : Lone Surviving Evo 6

Feature : Lone Surviving Evo 6

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo & RandyF

This is the final installment of Evolution features and we have saved the best for last. The Singapore motoring system does not allow for the preservation of old cars very well. This is one of those old cars that should be preserved because what you are looking at is Singapore's last and only road registered Evo 6. There are certainly several look alike Evo 6s roaming the streets which have been converted from Evo 4s and Evo 5s., but none of them even come close to rivaling the aggression of this true and legitimate Evo 6 RS2. All 3 Evo's we have featured have been built as time attack cars. This Evo 6 undoubtedly takes the cake for having the most insane build. This monster does not see much street duty and its only duty is to be a race car. Interior comfort and everything else has been forgone in pursuit of performance and nothing but performance. Air conditioning has been removed to aid power to weight ratio and so has all interior sound proofing and carpeting. In fact the only thing keeping the driver from dripping pespiration like how a blown radiator leaks coolant is having the windows down and some unknown modified computer fan that draws power from the cigarette lighter socket! The entire body was stripped, sanded down and spot welded before being put back together with an additional 10 point bolt in roll cage attached to protect the driver and add further chassis stiffening when ever this car makes the trip up to Sepang. Exterior has been coated with nothing but the best parts like a Varis ASSO version wide body, Varis carbon bonnet and boot with a Garage HRS cyber evo rear tail lamp, mated to a Voltex 1700MM type 5 GT wing Varis rear diffuser, DAMD side skirt extensions, Voltex canards and Voltex front splitter. AP racing 6 pot front and 4 pot rear provides the stopping power hidden behind Rota 18 x 10 +15 with 12mm spacers. Wait what. ROTAS? Here we begin the real wheel versus fake wheel debate. Well, yes. You see when you own a car this wide on Singapore's land scarce roads, there are many narrow and ridiculous corners that look like the road designer was probably drunk while working on those designs. Slopes and bends that do not accommodate a wider turning radius means there are chances of getting slightly careless and misjudging a turn or two. If these were his main set of rims, you can imagine the cringe and ache in his heart when rim decides to gently caress a very friendly curb. The curb usually retaliates in self defense and the battle between curb and rim usually sees the curb emerging unscathed while the rim limps away bruised and scarred. This set of Rotas is meant to be physically and sexually rimmed. During track duties however, his main set of rims will be released to fight that war instead. A set of TE37s in F-zero blue, 18 x 10.5 + 15. The Right Wrong, we are all you need! Some of the notable engine bay treasures is the Owen Developments T04Z and Full Race prostreet manifold producing the power to push those extremely fat wheels wrapped in sticky A048 tyres. I could try to elaborate what other parts is hosted in this car but instead of making this section of the feature too long, it shall all be placed in a specs list at the bottom. The owner of this beastly specimen has thought about letting it go countless times but has never had the heart to do so. It is people like this with the appropriate passion and funding that attempt to preserve what's left of these machines on our local streets. These machines may be widely available all over the world but our local streets are losing these exhibits of heritages to the COE system, leaving future generations no opportunity to see what many of our modern day performance cars have evolved from. The older models might be slightly more costly to maintain due to greater wear and tear but styling and performance wise, many of these cars do not lose to any of the newer models. Case in point, the Mazda Rx7 and Rx8. The passion and love for a car does not sway easily. Granted that there always is a temptation to upgrade to newer and better models, a truly passionate enthusiast always ends up sticking to his main true love. What you have been looking at for the past several minutes is one of those loves. Not just for the owner but for his two other brothers who used to drive this car at one point or another. Handed down from brother to brother, this car was once all of their loves and every once in a while, still is. You can recognize true passion when this car is handed down within a family and we are very glad to have been given the opportunity to showcase that very car, a result of the most genuine passion and love, to you. Engine specs : Full forged short block, cosworth cylinder head, Tomei 280 degree cams with solid lifter, Tomei cam sprockets, Tomei valve spring and retainer, HKS Kansai intake manifold with Q45 throttle body, Cusco engine mount, HPI engine damper, Cusco oil catch tank, HKS Racing air filter with custom intake piping, Owen development T04Z turbo, FullRace ProStreet exhaust manifold with Tial 44MM wastegate, Two Greddy oil coolers, Forged Racing radiator and HKS Type S intercooler Exhaust : Sheepdog downpipe and midpipe, Custom Rtes titanium exhaust system. Suspension : TODA Fightex coilovers with external canister, Cusco anti roll bars, Whiteline pillowball end links, Moonface tie-rod, Moonface roll center adjuster and Ralliart bushings.


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