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Feature : Mr H's STI Brawler.

Feature : Mr H's STI Brawler.

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo, Jieyong & E3lipse

Every time we have a new feature, I have difficulty thinking of quirky names that suits the car. This was the first time my job was made easy. If you have looked through our entire site and you're local, you should have realized that despite the flourishing population of WRXs and STIs on our roads we have yet to have a featured one. has been predominantly an Evolution and Honda ruled site and I have an excuse prepared to justify why!
Our first Feature Subaru! Talk about setting bench marks
Amongst the 7 members in our crew, there are 2 Evolution owners and the other 4 driving Hondas. Of course it is only natural that we have greater access to cars of similar make. Haven't you heard, birds of a feather flock together? Nevertheless, let me continue explaining how the name "STI Brawler" was derived. Evolution owners and Subaru owners have and will always have this long standing war of which is a better car. They are basically designed from same recipe by two separate car makers competing for who has a fancier name!
Right about here you will begin hearing Subaru protest "No! We are much better then the Evos! We have the Subaru Impreza WRX STI Spec-C Type RA-R!" and Mitsubishi will retaliate with the "Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6.5 Tommi Mäkinen edition". Not quite sure who wins that fight because both names are equally long.
Disregard that on going and never ending war,TRUST ME. I was not an Evolution owner all my life and I have had my fair share of interest in the WRX. In fact I was driving one before the present Evo. All the basic essentials are the same! Both have 4cylinder turbo charged engines, make roughly about 280hp stock, both are basically sport sedans and most importantly, both the Mitsubishi and Subaru have their roots in rallying. You get "Symmetrical All wheel Drive" from Subaru and "4 Wheel drive / All wheel drive" from Mitsubishi, "Driver controlled center differential (DCCD)" and "Active Center Differential (ACD)" respectively yet again. Different names but both serving SIMILAR purposes! Its like adding brown colouring to vanilla ice cream and calling it chocolate.
Stickers hint at what's inside
Ask a Subaru owner and they will swear by the torque, maneuverability and the addiction to the rumble the Subaru makes. Speak to an Evolution owner and they will guarantee better value for money in making your car go faster in a straight line and even faster round a bend. Its probably why the Cyber Evo is the world's fastest time attack car and not the Tomei Cusco WRX! (I'm surprised the Evo fanboy in me took this long to emerge).
You will see all sorts of riced out cars with this sticker. Not many actually mean it.
So when we decided it was time to feature a Subaru, it couldn't be just your average Subaru we picked off the street. Carbon fiber bonnet and boots are common with the amount of replicas available. Nope, it has to be one that stands out from that sea of carbon fiber you see flooding our streets. Ironically, this STI did just that with even more carbon fiber.
and maybe a bit of Carbon Kevlar
Our first feature STI has to have the ability to trump any Evo that gets in the way. I'll go a little further and dare say, a Subaru that takes the fight to its competition instead of cowering in fear. Hopefully you're beginning to understand the logic behind this name, because this STI has to be a straight up bare knuckled brawler. The exterior of this Subaru is blended together with various brands of parts. While most people pick a theme and stick with it, the mix of parts in this case actually create quite a unique and tasteful package.
APR front lip and front splitter
We aren't quite sure what bonnet is this and Mr H was not quite certain either. He said with these exact words, "Some aftermarket bonnet".
The "after market bonnet" with an ARC intake scoop
Chargespeed carbon fiber wide fenders up front and chargespeed bottom line kit line the side and rear of the car. The visual impact you get from looking at this car from the rear is aided by a Varis rear defuser, boot, GT Wing and a Kakumei widebody.
So fat and flush
We love a luscious set of lips
These BBS looking rims are from a relatively unknown company called Ratsel. With a no budget build like this, one might wonder about Mr H's choice of rims. His reply was, "These look pretty much like BBS except they're even lighter". Justifying choice of rims - ✔
That defused Ass
The funny thing about this car is, I actually spotted this car at Johor's Pasir Gudang circuit during a night sprint two years ago. I am pretty certain I scrutinized this car in deeper detail then the scrutineers of that particular race itself. Every single bit of this STI just screams for attention and Mr H's attention to the smallest details is not even what can be described as obsessive. "Downright insane" would be a lot more suiting.
Titanium audio aids
To alert us he's arrived
Some sort of Carbon Fiber explosion
Getting down with a bride
Bet you didn't notice that extra tall gear lever two pictures ago. Don't worry, neither did I until I noticed the huge analogue number meter obstructing the view of his tachometer. Its for showing you your queue number if you want a ride in this car.
Queue number only has a maximum of 6
Underneath that unique hood houses an Owen's Development GT35, Cosworth intake and pretty much everything else you can get from a Cosworth catalog.
The reason why you get a face full of cooling fins
sitting snugly behind the front grill
that is also carbon fiber. What a coincidence!
So from here we can conclude that Mr H is carbon fiber obsessed. Who wouldn't be in the pursuit of performance. What he's done to make this STI a brawler is to take the age old recipe for performance and stick a branding iron with the letter H on it. More power, Less weight. - ✔ Function + form - ✔ The only difference is, he's obsession has gone a wee bit further. That's hinting at a feature of his other car that will be coming to in the near future. In the mean time, stay tuned to TheRightWrong for more car porn on our Facebook page HERE!
Until next time!


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