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Feature : One Fat R.

Feature : One Fat R.

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo, RandyF & BigDub

We've put up teasers of this Civic Type R quite a some time back and have left you hanging for all this time. We've been a tease yes? In the midst of completing projects and studying for my upcoming exams, it took me a while to find the time to complete writing this feature. Even now I'm supposed to be digging through my ridiculously thick stack of notes but I didn't want to be a tease any more.

"Fat" is a word that is being shunned in many contexts in the world today. Women, men and technology have been pushing the limits of skinny and slim. Mobile phones, television and all electronic devices are being engineered to become as slim as possible. Its also all over celebrity news of many individuals becoming excessively skinny after weight loss regimes.

This however, fortunately does not really apply to cars. Who actually appreciates a skinny car? Cars that have gained global fame have been fat wide-bodied cars like the RWB Porsches. Most of us like having a lot "fat" when it comes to cars. Not a much a fat girl in the passenger seat to actually assist in weight balancing but a fat cars with fat meaty tyres and deep ,wide concaved rims.

Special thanks to Eddie from Choon's Motorworks for arranging this photo shoot for us. We have been wanting to give this car a proper feature for quite some time now and Eddie finally helped make it happen. Since he had just finish building what seems to be an equally evil Evo, we got both cars towed out on a Sunday afternoon.

Towing two hardcore performance cars to location seemed like an opportunity for nice photos so we began our day at Choon's Motorworks as we documented these cars coming out of their secluded caves and get loaded up onto tow trucks. Our local law enforcement was apparently working hard on the weekend as well.

That WRX would without a doubt be the fastest though. No contenders there.

Arriving on location, it seemed like the sky was not going to give us much time to photoshoot two cars with the clouds quickly covering any visible light and threatening to pour down on us.

You know you're doing something right when your arrival causes war of the worlds.

Being unloaded from the tow trucks we had the opportunity to listen to that K20 get fired up once more. This is one of those cars that you have to see up-close to fully grasp the visual impact it gives. If I had to give the name "Stunner status" to ONE Civic Type, this would be it. It would feel almost illegal when you took your eyes away from it because every angle of this car is quite simply captivating.

Widened by Choon Motorworks custom handcrafted body kit, the full kit consists of customed made FRP front wide fenders, vented bonnet, rear truck, rear over fenders, side skirt and custom FRP front and rear bumper with diffuser. Completing the exterior is a J's racing GT wing.

The exact specifications of how widened this R is is unclear as everything was customized by hand. But if you one of those people obsessed with wheels and is good with calculating wheel offsets, here are the numbers for you.

The stock Civic Type R rims comes in 18 x 7.5JJ +60. This Fat R fits a massive 18 x 9.5 +15 Volk Racing CE28s under those custom fenders and it's still not quite flush! It does prevent any fear of cracking those handcrafted fenders when taking hard corners though.

Hidden behind those incredibly sexy CE28s are Brembo racing 8 pot calipers with titanium pistons, 343 x 35mm rotors with custom hats and brackets, ARP long wheel studs and Hawk HP+ pads in the rear. Steel braided hoses completes the entire brake setup with a PFC 4 pot caliper already on it's way to further feel up the space behind those rims in the rear.

The clouds eventually could no longer hold it's bladder and began to take a wee on us.

We hid from a distance awaiting the rain to stop as I took the opportunity to chat with the owner of this Fat R. Previously owning yet another beastly track toy in the form of an Evo 9, he completed everything he had planned for the car and began looking for an entirely new platform to play with all over again. The Civic Type R was newly launched back then and he decided to try it out after hearing many great reviews about the car.

Right after it's purchase, the car was sitting in the workshop undergoing it's widebody conversion for almost 6 months. Fast forward 6 months and you have before you one of the most radical Civic Type Rs I have ever seen any where in the world. Performance mods streamed in gradually over time as each visit to the track came back with more feedback from the owner and changes had to be made to improve overall handling and performance.

The rain finally stopped and we began focusing our attentions on the interior. Similar to the exterior, no budget was spared with Limited edition Recaro bucket seats (owner couldn't remember the exact model) and a Choon's custom dash panel to accommodate the AIM Strada Dash logger, mated to a MoTeC M800 ECU.

We'll have full specifications of this car at the bottom of the feature but first, we want to show you what you'll see if you are one of the fortunate few to have the opportunity to see this car whizzing pass you. Unfortunately, this R is always locked up and tamed in the back of a workshop, unable to see the light of day due to the ever increasing patrolling law enforcement of Singapore. The only opportunity it gets to be unleashed is when it wants to conquer the Malaysian race track yet again.

Engine: K20A, Custom billet crank, A-Beam custom billet connecting rods, 89mm custom forged pistons custom(UK), Darton M.I.D. Sleeved, ARP Headstud kit, Cometic MLS head gasket, Stage 3 cams with VTC, CNC ported head with Supertech oversized +1mm valves, Supertech Single Valvespring kit with titanium retainers, 440cc injectors, Billet fuel rail,stock type r inlet manifold and throttle body, Choon's air intake kit, 42mm aluminium radiator, Choon's oil cooler kit, Samco radiator hoses, Skunk2 76mm exhaust, Custom Big Tube Headers .

Drivetrain: Cusco 1.5way lsd,Choon's Hyper Single Clutch, Stock gear ratios.

Suspension: Tein N1 Circuit Damper,Cusco Front n Rear sway bars,Choon's Roll Centre Adjustor Kit,Choon's Sperical Bearing bushing kit all round.

Brakes: Brembo Racing 8pot calipers with titanium pistons, 343 x 35mm racing rotors with custom hats and brackets up front, ARP long wheel studs,Hawk HP+ pads rear, steel braided hoses, Motul RBF.

Wheels/Tires: Volk Racing CE28N, 18 x 9.5 +15 with Advan A050 semi slicks 255/35/18 for track and AD08s for street with Spare set of Volk Racing RE30 18 x 9.5JJ in 18 x 9.5 + 22 with 10MM spacers for some track duty

Interior: Recaro Limited Edition Bucket seat, Choon's Custom Dash Panel(for AIM dash)

Exterior: Choon's hand crafted,customised widebody kit consist of FRP front wide fenders,FRP vented bonnet,FRP rear trunk,FRP rear over fender,FRP front and rear bumper with diffuser,J's GT Wing

Electronics: AIM Strada Dash Logger, MoTeC M800 ecu

Performance: 300hp, 310ftlb torque @ 6800rpm on 98octane fuel tuned by Eddie on the HPI Roller Dyno.

On its way : Choon's FRP doors, bigger intake plenum n throttle body, dog type gears transmission and rear PFC 4pot calipers.

Thanks once again to Eddie Ng for making this happen. Be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and our blog for more upcoming updates. Some content from Japan as Randy rushes to finish editing his pictures and much much more!


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