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Feature : The Cleanest Evo X on the streets

Feature : The Cleanest Evo X on the streets

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : Neo

Two weeks ago we held a little Evolution family gathering. The owner of this car, Alastair was sporting enough make himself available TWICE on public holidays instead of spending time with his family just to attend our shoots. The Evolution gathering HERE was done on Christmas day itself and this particular one you are currently reading was done on New Year's day. It's almost becoming a TheRightWrong tradition to celebrate special occasions this way. Not a bad tradition I must say. It is not very often that a photographer will be satisfied with their photos. There are that handful of people that think ownership of an expensive camera makes them automatically transform into a professional photographer. This might purely be my opinion but I believe there is a basic essential that differentiates great photographers. The makings of a great photographer is one that is never or at the very least, seldom satisfied with their own work. Take a little time with an open mind and understand the logic behind this and you'll understand where I'm going with this. Of course if you have a different opinion, whining on the comment box at the bottom of this feature and our Facebook is always available. The differentiating factors between photographers is whether or not they constantly try to push the boundaries on the types of effects and styles of their photography. It is one way to constantly improve and produce varying works of art. Get the chance to meet our dear photographer Neo and you will realize he is some one that is almost never satisfied with his own photos. After reading this, try taking note of how photos are taken when you happen to look into any Flickr account. You might realize that some photographers get stuck in a rut and most of the photos look the same, taken from the same angles and with the same style. All that is different is the location and the car. Neo is a person that tries to keep himself out of that rut. He researches and is often attempting some new technique researched online during our shoots. He was also doing this during this feature and with limited time available, this was all he managed. I think he did freaking amazing! All the photos you see here were taken within a ONE hour window. We generally like to take our time and require about 2 - 3 hours with at least two photographers to capture as much of the car as possible. An impromptu shoot and a Neo's sick cousin Jieyong being down with a flu meant he was flying solo this time. Why we were so time restricted was because we arrived at the location at 6pm instead of the originally planned, 5pm. Lets just say my poor directional sense was to blame. That in mind, we were only granted a one hour window before the sun set and it became too dark to carry on shooting without lighting equipment. When the sun is setting, it provides a type of natural light that is most ideal for photography. Squeezing what usually takes us a minimum of two hours to an hour, it was all up to Neo now. Yep, no pressure there.... Example of that natural light Having worked with Neo for almost 5 months running TheRightWrong, I have never seen him show as much satisfaction as he had with this set of photos. Bear in mind, this was the outcome of a rushed photo-shoot! (my counting down to how much time he had left didn't exactly help either). No disrespect to people with resting family members there. Back to business and instead of rambling on about how the shoot went, lets focus the attention on this beautiful example of a performance car. This Evo X is USDM inspired and while most of our local performance cars aim to look as aggressive as possible, this Evo X went the opposite route in pursuit of the US styling. Its rocking Varis carbon fiber everything including side skirts, front lip, bonnet, roof and boot. Painfully, the carbon fiber bonnet, boot and roof has been sprayed over to achieve that clean look the US culture seems to portray itself to be about. Only small traces of carbon fiber was left showing to satisfy anybody with doubts. Engine wise is nothing to brag about. The basic breathing mods and a relatively stock engine. What can be bragged about is that this car in this rather stock trim managed a 2.30 around the Sepang international circuit, a timing that many cars with much higher horsepower struggle to achieve. Handling is the main focus of this Evo X and AP Racing brakes and Nitron suspension with external canisters are the base of this Evo X's handling. In a sense, this Evo X is a more refined poodle than the rough little mongrel. The past generation Evos gives the driver a stronger raw sensation while the Evo X seems to be meant for the businessman with a need for speed. Alastair would know, he used to own an Evo 9. I guess boys do have to become men eventually and the Evo X is the best symbol of that maturity. When you'll see it, you'll pee your pants. As the sun set we rushed out to a nearby road to get whats left of the remaining natural light. The sun was setting fast and we were left with only a 5 minute window to finish all the rolling shots. Prepared for take off Rolling shots completed, the sun finally set and it was becoming too dark to take any more photos without lighting equipment. We stopped at a near by lane to examine the outcome of compressing three hours of work into one. We also took the chance to dirty this extremely clean Evo X with our mandatory sticker. Had to have such a opposing example of what Singaporeans tend to stereotype as "Ah beng car" (Hooligan's car) representing us! This wraps up part 1 of 3 of Evolution family gathering individual feature! Be sure to keep checking back to TheRightWrong for all your best motoring car porn. The car lineup we have in the pipeline is definitely not to be missed. We would also like to thank Alastair for being such a great sport! Being the only person that was willing to take the time out from all the usual family celebrations to entertain our impromptu request.


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