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Feature : The Incredible Hulk S2000

Feature : The Incredible Hulk S2000

Words by : Ben Wong, Photos by : RandyF & Zach Lau

For our readers who have been actively following our site, this car would require minimal introduction. This monster stole the limelight at the most recent S2000 meet a few weeks back. For our newer readers, this is the very first detailed introduction of this incredible S2000. Most import and Honda lovers would know, J's Racing is renowned for being one of the top Honda tuners in the world. So what happens when you pair one of the best convertible platforms with the top Honda tuners in the world? Pictures would save me a thousand words : THIS
Most manufacturers want to produce green cars these days
While the point of a meet is to make new friends and mingle, this S2000 undoubtedly acted as a catalyst for that process. Everyone stood around this car discussing its details which served as possibly the best ice-breaker any car meet could have.
So much greenery
Just look at it, how is it possible to ignore a car as stanced out as this! With the word "Stance" in mind, I once read a quote on what does stance symbolize and every aspect of that definition appealed to me in our coverage of this car.
That's not a very good camouflage
Quote : “stance” is not about how a car looks in correlation with its tire/wheel fitment, or even how low the car sits on the pavement. It’s about “presence”, or how a car makes you feel by taking one glance at it. I often use the term presence to describe a car that I’m attracted to." - Mayday Garage
Here's what you will face at a glance
If that feeling you are supposed to get when you see something great is a tingling sensation, then how do you describe the object when I got goosebumps looking at this?
Monsters often appear from the shadows
The main attraction of this car is that most widebody S2000's either go with the more conservative J's Racing Type-S kit or the AMUSE wide-body kit (There are currently 4 in Singapore to my knowledge). This owner decided to have his S2000 fitted with the J's Racing Type-GT full body kit - the only set in Singapore. In fact if you did a Google search on J's Racing Type-GT S2000, the number of pictures you will be able to find on the Type-GT is EXTREMELY limited.
Exhaust is yet again from J's Racing specifically made to fit the Type-GT body kit
The reason for that may be due to the styling which will definitely not appeal to everyone but it definitely looks sinister as F***!! (use your imagination to fill in the stars). The knowledge that the Type-GT kit is extremely rare worldwide made this shoot extra special. It also made us realize that we were in the presence of something extremely unique. If the visuals did not provide enough "presence" that exhaust note certainly did. In all movies, every scene comes with a supporting soundtrack. The most popular soundtrack to come to mind is likely to be from "JAWS". Admit it, most of us have hummed that sound track at one point or another when we were attempting to sneak up on something. In this scenario, the audio soundtrack provided by J's Racing certainly set the mood for "BECAUSE RACECAR".
GT-Wing is a J's Racing product as well
With a build like this, none of that replica body kit / parts nonsense was tolerated. No expense was spared to have everything provided from the J's Racing catalog. This extended to the boot...
I'd be proud to rock legit goods too.
bonnet... and only the best parts were used in all aspects of this car.
ARC is famous to provide top quality products
The Hellaflush lovers would probably be complaining about the fitment on this S2000 being "Needs MOAR flush". If you are one of those people, here are the wheel specs. 18 x 10.5JJ +15 TE37SLs with 5mm spacers in the rear and 18 x 9.5JJ +35 with 5mm spacers in the front. Even running 10.5JJ +10 total offset results in such fitment on the car! Can you really complain about fitment when that Type-GT kit is that FAT!
Might not be flush but certainly still has stance
The owner did previously attempt to run a non-staggered offset with 18 x 10.5JJ +15 TE37SLs in the front but that wheel size caused many problems with making turns. This setup in my opinion is certainly aggressive enough. Point being, how much more aggressive do you expect a car to be?
I would definitely get the hell out of THAT thing's way
The one significant difference between this car and the original J's Racing Type-GT would be power. The J's Racing S2000 runs at "only" 320PS / 315HP. When asked about the figures of this incredible hulk, the owner gave us a conservative figure of "about" 400hp.
The holding monster in a fat green monster
Capable of breaking necks
Breaking necks is a term used for signifying exceptionally nice cars that catches the attention of everyone. In this case it is used to symbolize that aggressive aesthetic beauty and break neck performance.
What is important is how this car was built
There are so many directions from which a person can build a car. The most successful builds usually result from a clear headed owner with a clear, specific direction and purpose for a car.
Singapore is a green city!
So what was purpose and direction for this car?
If you haven't noticed it would be the J's Racing theme...
but if I had to guess based on the conversation I had with this beast's master? I would say his intention was to create an unmistakable, neck breaking and traffic stopping all rounded monster he has the intention of using to conquer the track at Sepang international circuit real soon. Stay tuned for future updates and the best car porn we find online and in Singapore through our Facebook page : HERE - Remember to click like and share it with your friends to show us your support!


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