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High on RUFies: RUF Launch in Singapore

High on RUFies: RUF Launch in Singapore
We missed the entire morning of the launch. Well, no excuses, but I had class and Neo had fought to his death to get a half-day off from work. We were cautiously excited about going to this launch. Due to the things we blog and are interested about, I doubt most of us knows About RUF and what it does. Even if we heard about it, none understood the deep details. I was given the opportunity to interview Mr Alois Jr and I had to do my homework. And what I found was closer to the young petrolhead in you than you'd think. I shall stay on track with the launch, but I highly recommend this documentary on RUF. Walking up to the showroom we could barely catch a glimpse of the 2 cars strutting their curves like models at the end of the runway posing for the camera. As we got closer, through the glass doors, the glory and aura of the 3800s and particularly the CTR3 clubsport began to seep into us. It is hard to explain this mythical feeling but if an Aventador hits you like a train, the CTR3 grinds you down slowly like a meat grinder. I didn’t want the interview to be the usual ‘tell me about the car’ or ‘does the car cure mid-life crisis?’ We already have all the specifications to the car. I really wanted to know if they or Mr. Alois can connect with the petrolhead in me in the same way that he became crazy about Porsches when he was young. Honestly, we young car lovers not yet have the capacity to own a supercar or a hyper-car like the CTR3. I wanted to know if talking to this man will make me fall in love with RUF, and will the CTR3’s poster make its way to my bedroom. I asked about his favourite moments in RUF. Mr. Alois hesitated speaking, looked to his wife for inspiration, and then started thinking hard. He said probably the day when the CTR3 was unveiled and ready. I wasn't convinced if he was sure of his answer. And I had figured out why in my next question. Question two is about his favourite RUF car or cars for that matter. Again, he struggled to find an answer. This was when his wife Ms interrupted aptly and jovially exclaimed, 'he falls in love with all the cars!'. 'Everytime he goes back to drive an old RUF, he will tell me how much he had forgotten he loved that car', she added. Mr. Alois' tensed expression had calmed down. He found the answer in his wife's words. And I began to see that he was irresolute because he didn't want to place any cars or any moments above another. He loved all his creations and all the moments he had at RUF are priceless. Almost as if he didn't want to betray any car he made by choosing a favourite. The couple gave off an alluring sense of togetherness. They worked so well together I'm surprised they don't have jerseys. This genuine, sincere leak of emotions from the man who brought the company to where it is today, showed me what I wanted to see. A pure soul not filled completely with commercial intention, and missing of any scripted and politically correct answers. He loved his cars and working on his cars as much as we do. IMG_5179 As the interview went on, I began to grasp a sense of love from Mr. Alois for his company and his cars. He would grin to himself every once in awhile when he was deep in thoughts for my questions. It was almost overwhelming coming from him but not tense, not uncomfortable. Mr. Alois had commented on Singapore's car scene as being diverse and that he believes people do care about rarity which is what the CTR3 is all about right now being the only one in Southeast Asia (SEA). It is also notable that this is the second time Ruf has made its way to Singapore. Mr. Alois agreed seemingly that the last time was the wrong time and Ruf only sold a handful of cars. This time round the strategy is clear. Much like many other businesses, Singapore becomes the main hub to connect the brand to all around SEA. IMG_5209 As simple as it is, I'm deeply satisfied. The authenticity of the passion made me inevitably take a liking to the brand and all the projects that it has went through. Whether it's hearing from the man himself speak with his sense of pride and charm for the cars, or bathing in the majestic presence of the 777bhp 3.1 seconds hypercar (YES, 3.1 seconds). I've gotten what I came for. This is the first time I am actually interviewing anyone for a launch and the dots connected for me. I hope I had translated well, this almost fairy-tale like story of Ruf, and that this brings more exposure to you, our fans and readers. I will include specifications of the flagship models below. I end with the quote that I'd heard all day from Mr. Alois, 'Thank you, for being interested'. IMG_5215 RUF 3800S A boxster with a 911 engine. Ruf has merged the agility of the mid-engined chassis of the 981 Porsche Boxster with the power of a 911 Carrea S. Besides the Engine transplant, RUF also styled the bodywork and added carbon fibre elements.

Power: 420 hp at 7,400 rpm

Torque: 450 Nm at 5,600 rpm

Displacement: 3.8L

Top Speed: 300 km / h

0 – 100km/h: 4.1 sec


The CTR3 is dubbed the road legal hypercar. It features a strong yet lightweight an aerodynamic carbon-kevlar bodywork, integrated roll cage, pushrod rear suspension and carbon-fibre enhancements.

Power: 777 hp at 7,100 rpm

Torque: 980 Nm at 4,000 rpm

Displacement: 3.8L

Top Speed: 380 km / h

0 – 100 km/h: 3.1 sec


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