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Honda Integra - Track Prepped, locked and loaded

Honda Integra - Track Prepped, locked and loaded
Many enthusiasts in Singapore have undoubtedly started of dabbling with cars in Honda Civics or have owned one at some point in their life. Things change as time goes by, some upgrade to turbo charged cars while some stay true to their love for Hondas upgrading from one Honda to the next. Eventually there reaches a point in life where age and responsibilities catch on and for most, the priorities in life will eventually begin to shift. The decision to do everything possible within your power to cater to the needs of your children and exchanging the beloved street/race cars for something more comfortable. In the perfect world everyone would be able to keep their performance cars while still having a family car to use when ferrying the family but the world is hardly perfect. Especially in expensive Singapore, owning more than one car is already very much a luxury. For two friends that was their exact story, beginning their journeys with civics and eventually upgrading to the 4 door Accord Euro R. Although it is still considered as a performance car, at the very least it's has 4 doors and makes it easier to fulfil family duties. That's if you can even consider it a family car with the track suspension spring rates and loud exhausts. Eventually the compromise between performance and comfort will tip towards the more important choice, and 90% of the time that is usually the comfort and safety of their children. Even then most will eventually come to find that there is always an unshakeable hankering and craving, the need for an exciting drive ever so occasionally regardless of how occasional. For two friends, sharing a car was the solution to solving that craving after they ensured the family rode around comfortably in their Euro daily cars. Splitting the cost on a car relieves the financial burden and yet allows that needed adrenaline fix. It's not a completely new idea, but ever so often the people that share a built car have different directions in the way they want the car built causing conflict and chaos. Fortunately, these two sang the same song and everything has worked out flawlessly. The Honda Integra is currently also a dying breed in Singapore with many reaching their 10 year old life spans. While the expiring COE means the remaining life span is short, it also means the car is cheaper to purchase. YP_DC5_MG_8086web To keep a clean car, most times we avoid shooting in the rain. A track car isn't meant to be clean though, its supposed to be quick in any weather so we proceeded regardless. It may not look fancy but the people close to the build will understand the time, effort and passion these guys have spent to get a car built purely for the purpose of travelling up North. It may not seem like anything special to you readers as you read but just imagine knowing you own a Ferrari FXX that's sitting in a showroom somewhere and being unable to drive it on the roads except for when the track schedule permits. I rode shotgun in the car on the way to location, taking the time to fully take in the little things that were done to the car. As with all great builds, the little details matter regardless of how small. The AIM Dash was the first thing that caught my attention with its bright blue digital screen sitting in front of the usual analog meters. YP_DC5_MG_8075webYP_DC5_MG_8077web A set of carbon fiber Ganardor mirrors thrown into the mix. I was rather surprised with this choice as his old Civic EG ran a set of motorcycle mirrors for that "GT" look. Times have changed and budgets sure allowed for something more branded. Ganador has also discontinued practically everything in their mirror range making these a set of harder to find mirrors. YP_DC5_MG_8082web Coated in a layer of metallic silver paint and a wheel selection that's more meant to serve a function over form. YP_DC5_MG_8099web Gram Lights and Enkeis taken off an Evo 5 wrapped in Advans A050 ensures maximum cornering abilities through the Sepang International Circuit. YP_DC5_MG_8109web IMG_0656 IMG_0655 As the boys get older, the toys get bigger. Gone were the days of retrofitting Honda Prelude brakes on little civics. They have chosen AP Racing for that extra oomph of confidence of slamming the brakes right before the 50 metres sign. YP_DC5_MG_8178web- Marginal gains for shaving milliseconds off their timing were made in the form of cut outs on the rear bumpers, meant to reduce the drag generated from air getting trapped within the rear bumper as they blast down the long straights. YP_DC5_MG_8111web The lightening of this iron steed has also been taken into consideration. A fair bit of body panels have been replaced by custom fiber glass units in the form of the bonnet, boot, bumpers and subtle but much wider front fenders (props if your sharp eyes noticed the little difference) to accommodate the more aggressive 8.5jj Gram Lights. YP_DC5_MG_8166web YP_DC5_MG_8184web This Integra started life as a face lifted model but both decided that they preferred the older model's more masculine look thus a "unfacelift" conversion was done if that's even a word. IMG_0645 YP_DC5_MG_8129web YP_DC5_MG_8116web Interior was kept to a minimum with only a set of Kevlar Brides, Safety21 9 point roll car and.. a set of sound system. I have entirely no idea why its in there considering the amount of road noise that is generated with those sticky tires and the complete interior stripped out with no carpet or sound insulation of any kind, especially not forgetting the completely straight through exhaust. You'd think the exhaust is the only music they will be able to hear, but who's to judge?YP_DC5_MG_8187web YP_DC5_MG_8079web To stiffen the rear, a set of 4 point J's Racing brace were added in to the already stiff spot welded chassis. YP_DC5_MG_8185web No expense was spared to when it came to the handling of the car, AST 3 way coilovers with external canisters were chosen to match with the chassis. Not very butt-o-meter friendly, but when on the smooth tarmac of the circuit, everything handles completely differently. (Neo will have a first hand experience of it on when he travels up north on a 400km route with the guys this weekend, good luck getting any sleep while bouncing up and down in that car my friend.) YP_DC5_MG_8221web As everyone that has been on Sepang knows, it is very much a power track with its long straights and several sweepers. For a quick lap time, power is absolutely crucial and this warrior battles with a 2.5 litre K series dart block matched with CP Pistons and titanium conrod. YP_DC5_MG_8212web Buddy Club intake and exhaust cams stays in a custom head that is matched to the block. YP_DC5_MG_8213web Our crew's biggest VTEC lover and photographer Neo, owner of one of the most insane wide bodied EG6 on this island. YP_DC5_MG_8226web Hasport mounting keeps the heart rigid. YP_DC5_MG_8223web No need for hydraulic dampers on this no nonsense car (except that sound system). YP_DC5_MG_8191web The owner is also one of the few readers that have been supporting us from the very start before we had any sort of readership, one of the only two people that actually run such a big TRW decal. Thanks to all our friends that have also been constantly supporting us despite our long duration of inactivity. YP_DC5_MG_8160web One more shot before heading out into the wild for Neo to work his spanking new Canon 1DX for rolling shots! YP_DC5_MG_8135web Rolling through the streets under all the festive Christmas lighting that shine every year along our very own Orchard Road. Although this car is now completely built to conquer the Sepang circuit, the streets are still where the hearts of both owners still lie. Often reminiscing the old days where civics and other pocket rockets took to Orchard Road every weekend like it was a normal thing. The true essence of being young, wild and free. Even though having families now forces them to be much more mature, cruising down the same stretch of road seemed like an appropriate location to do the rolling shots. For a pair that are still very much young at heart, but no longer wild and free. IMG_0650 Neo will probably be coming back with some in car video when it hits the track. Do stay tuned for more updates. Also do check out our wallpaper section for more!


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