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Nagoyo Exciting Car Showdown Parking Area

Nagoyo Exciting Car Showdown Parking Area

by Randy Foo

9 years ago

Text and Photos by : Randy F Happy New Year to our readers worldwide! Majority of the articles detailing the happenings of the electrifying Nagoya Exciting CarShowdown held in April 2012 have been posted on the TheRightWrong. Nonetheless, we are still left with the equally fascinating parking area where mini meets were happening, and I hope these spontaneously captured photos will convey that stirring sight. Diversity is one of the contributing factors to the alluring Japanese car scene. In one instance, you hear the burping of the rotary powered Mazda. In a split second, you may be blared at by the resounding screams of the ITBs in the evergreen Hachirokus. The show’s parking area is where you can witness first hand the multiplicity of what makes a Japanese car show one of a kind. A super clean Nissan Skyline GTR R34 wearing Nismo Z Tune parts on Volks Racing TE37SLs whizzed passed as I was crossing to the location. It put a smile on my face as I anticipated what will be coming up next! NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6171web A mini Nissan 240SX meet. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6214web TraKyoto 6666 Rocket Bunny S13 sitting on some pretty nice dished Works Equip 03. The Japanese sure take their car plates seriously. No prizes for guessing the one on this. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6176webNagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6175web A random nice dude gamely posed for the camera in front oh his Skyline along side his friend’s S13. At times, it is not the picturesque scenery of a particular country that attracts me, but its people, culture and beliefs. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6183web The R32 is by far my favorite of the modern Skylines. Shown here are excellent examples of two street driven machines that are clean and simple. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6198web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6200web A slammed R32 on R34 wheels, I love those bulging fenders. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6182web A clean and mean looking S14 getting some attention from bystanders. Another prime example where less is more. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6184web From pristine marques, we also have some function driven ones like this Nissan S15. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6185web A lone Z32. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6216web A timeless Datsun 510 amongst a sea of modern cars. It sure stands out doesn’t it? NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6181web From the popular Nissans, we move on to another maker – Mazda and that household burping exhaust note. The RX7 is undoubtedly the more popular model, but it seems that the more recent RX8 is garnering a strong following. Another mini meetup going on. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6226web A darn good example of a bloody good looking RX8, some may think that the bodykit is a bit overwhelming but I think its one of the nicest street driven RX8. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6225web It is time for what I feel that many of our readers love. Sitting side by side, a GT inspired RX7 and an RE Amemiya street machine. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6191web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6193WEB Pop up or flat headlamps all work for me. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6190web Another mini RX7 meet. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6207web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6205web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6202web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6208web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6230web Sibling rivalry. Two mint examples. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6234web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6231web Toyotas weren't that many compared to the Nissans and Mazda. But some Hachi love wont kill. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6228web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6189web Castrol Supra. It is truly regrettable that we do not see Supras prowling our local streets. Hence, it is always a special privilege to see one in person. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6173web Big bodied Toyota's like this Chaser are also almost extinct in our country due the high taxes and stuff. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6211web Subarus and Hondas as well as Mitsubitshis were also few and far between in the parking area as compared to Singapore where the tuning scene focuses alot on Subarus, Mitsubitshi and Hondas. Personal favorite amongst all the Impreza chassis, the GC, in Rally blue as well. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6219web The newer GD models. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6204web A legit EK9, sandwiching an E36 M3 together with what looks like J's Racing kitted DC5R. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6177web Kei car anyone? NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6218web The only Evo I saw in the vicinity. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6238web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6237web Some other car around the location, start the photo bomb. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6240web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6239web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6243web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6235web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6180web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6213web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6222web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6223web NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6187web Editing the photos from this Japan car show makes me miss the country fondly. I will be headed to the Kansai region on 24 January 2013. Do hit me up if you have any note worthy cars or interesting generic bits about the Japanese automotive scene you wish to see featured. Alternatively, I won’t say no to some drinks and good grub with like-minded car enthusiasts. NagoyaShowDown_PA_MG_6247web Have a blast in 2013 folks. Cheers! Randy F


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