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RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF - Singapore's First

RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF - Singapore's First
RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8481web I wouldn't think that anyone in the right state of mind would have an RWB built on our sunny island of Singapore due the crazy car prices and the inability to keep our cars for any longer than 10 years. The thing is though, car enthusiast aren't exactly sane people to begin with. Jenson has been sliding fast cars around for fun in the type of controlled chaos called drifting sure wasn't one to feel restricted by the local automotive system. After finding a suitable car and making arrangements for the RWB build, Nakai was flown into sunny Singapore to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8354web Clad in his usual work pants and RWB T-shirt, he wasted no time and work when under-way. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8382web The iconic RWB fenders were already riveted on the first day as well. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8369web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8358web Nakai working through the orchestrated mess of tools and parts. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8435web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8426web After fenders and body parts were installed, the next step was the application of sealant for all the trim lines. What might look simple in photos, in reality requires a lot of careful taping and steady hands. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8380web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8395web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8404web After the years and countless RWBs he's built, these are all second nature to him, but it's just making one more owner happy and a new member to the Rough World's closely knitted family. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8409web SSR Professors were the chosen wheels for Jenson. It was a more traditional look resembling Works Meisters, where many other RWB builds have tried to differentiate themselves with alternative wheels such as Rotiform and IForge. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8407web Despite the flush and aggressive fitment of all RWB cars, Nakai ensures all body clearance and suspension settings are to his liking in order to make sure there is no fender rubbing of any sort regardless of driving condition! RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8445web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8375web At the end of the first day, he walked around the car to check that he was satisfied with the work he has done before it was pushed in and packed up for the night. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8453web Making sure everything is spot on. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8557web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8378web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8462web One more happy RWB owner added to the family RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8464web How can you take your eyes off such a work of art, especially when you know at the back of your mind you'll be driving that really soon. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8459web After everything was kept and nicely packed, Nakai spent the after hours with the many admirers that showed up to catch a glimpse of the man and the build. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8568web Louis from Garage36 brought down his RWB deck to have it autographed. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8511web After a hard day's work. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8477web A friendship being forged for many years to come. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8554web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8517web RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8525web Jenson keeping his social media updated for the people who were unable to watch the build take place in reality. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8565web The smile of a man who knows that in 2 days, Singapore's first RWB Porscshe will be his. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8516web Due to work commitments the team were not able to cover the complete build for day 2 and 3, but we were allowed to document the completed work of art alongside Shini Photography and YAER Productions several days later. And with the new website finally completed, we're honoured to be able to showcase to you Singapore's inaugural RWB as seen through our lenses. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8658-edit-web Those smooth voluptuous curves are not unfamiliar to me as after seeing dozens of RWBs from the yearly new year meet in Japan and more recently RWB Malaysia, Singapore finally has one to represent our very unique car culture. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8848web That perfect ride height. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8708web A whale tail chosen instead of the usual RWB banana wing. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8667-editweb RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8609-editweb The Rough World family. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8649web Besides being a car guy, Jenson also owns his own custom bicycle shop and cafe named Coast Cycles. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8652web The skies decided to pour down on us midway during the photoshoot, but that didn't come between us and the car. Those familiar lines, the idlers branding on the tyres and the fat lip of the wheels, all the signature markings of a RWB car. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8638web RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8943-editweb RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8885-editweb RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_9022-editweb Usually its the owners that drive the cars during shoots etc, but today the car got carjacked to allow Jenson to admire his pride and joy while it was rolling down the road. A notion I believe all car lovers will understand, that funny feeling you get on the inside when you see your car in motion. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_9003web RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_9007web One happy owner. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8808web Singapore's first RWB and hopefully not the last. RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8751web RWB_SG_JENSON_MG_8645web My parting shot is one that never in my wildest dreams would I have thought would become reality in Singapore. RWBSG_2014_DAY1_MG_8394web RAUH-Welt BEGRIFF, Akira Nakai and Porsches. Many more creations to come. See you soon. 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